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    Iíve read that global warming
    Is saving us from the next ice age
    Already overdue
    That we need a new plague
    To curb the population explosion
    That all news is fake news
    That god created the world
    And bacon will kill you.
    I cowered as a child of the Cold War
    The nuclear bombs were coming,
    F uck all that.
    The fat lady is a mute
    Laugh at life
    Youíll never get out alive.
    Feel no fear.

    For those who believe,
    no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
    none will suffice.

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    "Fear is the mind killer..."

    The older I get, the fewer Effs I give! Words of wisdom, JB.

    Live and be well - H

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    To come to terms with death, now that's when one can truly live.

    If I was there I would learn how to rock climb

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    Everything with a pinch of salt
    Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must be raised - American Proverb

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    (... I like Herbert.)

    Enjoyed your poem... your usual razor-sharp wit.

    "I cowered as a child of the Cold War
    The nuclear bombs were coming,"

    Too close to the mark for me: A poem I wrote not too long ago of childhood angst during the '50's - '60's you might enjoy:

    NW 107th Street (Off 9th Avenue NW), Seattle

    Mint countertops were a sign of the times;

    not that ours were - I don't remember

    Peppermint in the garden; strawberries

    and buttercups; a tall foxglove and ferns

    One neighbor had a nuke shelter built; duck

    and cover drills at Crown Hill school paled the

    innocent light of impressible youth

    An escape through the stinging nettles down

    to the shore helped shape an identity

    impervious to the daily fallout


    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),

    who am I but a stitch in time
    what if I were to bare my soul
    would you see me origami


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