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    Iíve read that global warming
    Is saving us from the next ice age
    Already overdue
    That we need a new plague
    To curb the population explosion
    That all news is fake news
    That god created the world
    And bacon will kill you.
    I cowered as a child of the Cold War
    The nuclear bombs were coming,
    F uck all that.
    The fat lady is a mute
    Laugh at life
    Youíll never get out alive.
    Feel no fear.

    For those who believe,
    no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
    none will suffice.

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    "Fear is the mind killer..."

    The older I get, the fewer Effs I give! Words of wisdom, JB.

    Live and be well - H

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    To come to terms with death, now that's when one can truly live.

    If I was there I would learn how to rock climb

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    Everything with a pinch of salt
    Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must be raised - American Proverb

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