Did Mr Jarndyce come to some deal with Mrs Woodcourt? In one of John Sutherlans Puzzles of Victorian Literature books there is a chapter on what happened to Mrs Woodcourt. It looks like she was never allowed up to Yorkshire see her son and grandchildren. Prof. Sutherland thought this was harsh.

There did appear to be some sort of deal done in the background. Mrs Woodcourt comes to live at the old Bleak House. She seems to get on 'better' with Esther Summerson. She does not banter on about her illustrious ancestors any more. Then Mr Jarndyce finds out about a medical practice situated in Yorkshire. Mr Woodcourt applies for it and gets it. Then Mr Jarndyce finds a home for Allan Woodcourt and Esther Summerson and prepares it for them, although he has not told either of them what he has done.

Mr Woodcourt needs some help getting his feet off the ground. He applied to become a doctor abroad, which he must have been reluctant to do as he loved Esther. That fell through when the ship sunk. So he I suppose he lost his fare. If he has any paying patients they are not mentioned. He appears to spend a lot of time caring for patients who cannot afford to pay him. His mother is a widow and has spent a lot of money on his education. She may be running out.

It could be Mr Jarndyce told her, "It's like this. There's a GP practice up in Yorkshire. If Allan marries Esther I will set them up in a home, but it will cost. You pay what you can of Allan's share and I will pay Esther's. After that you can move in here rent free." Mrs Woodcourt is not entirely happy about it, but she loves her son, and knows it is the best opportunity.

I wonder whether Mr Jarndyce had to grease any palms to get Mr Woodcourt that GP practice in Yorkshire. I also wondered whether that new Bleak House was newly built, bought or rented. Jarndyce certainly spent some money on the furnishings. Unfortunately I doubt Mrs Woodcourt would get to see her son and granddaughters very often. Yorkshire is quite some distance from St Ives. Esther and Mr Woodcourt build a 'growlery' for Mr Jarndyce when he comes up to stay, but it does not say they build any other spare rooms.