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    Anas Assaad

    It's true

    Well, blieve me honey: This story is true and happened in Paris.

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    No Subject

    I've been to notre dame and i do nt belive the story is true, but if you can prove me so

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    Lady Sioned

    No Subject

    I think I recall from reading the introduction in the beginning of the book I have that the book was inspired after Hugo saw the catherdal but the characters were not really..some of the happenings like the revolt and such were can correct me if I am wrong..

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    to agree

    the book was great! it was long, but it's full of good lessons. but i wondered if the story was true because it is impossible to has that kind of physical appearance.

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    It was not a true story. Hugo wrote to put forth the falling apart of Notre Dame. It never happened. That's my little post
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