This morning I was listening to the radio when they started to play something from Focus on the Family's Radio Theater. I wasn't sure what it was - they said the name only once and much too fast, but I listened anyway because I had heard the Chronicles of Narnia and Little Women recorded by them, and they were pretty good. At first I wasn't much interested, because I think it started in the middle of the story. But then it started to tell the story of Cosette, and that is what got me. The poor little eight-year-old slaving in an inn! I sat there for the full half-hour, scarcely moving. I can't wait to hear the rest next week.<br>But when it finished, I still didn't know what in the world it was called, so I tried to look it up on the Internet. I was looking at all the books on tape from Focus on the Family and when I saw Les Miserables I was like, "Huh, they must be trying to record a lot of the old classics. I wonder why they made that one." It didn't click, because for some reason, I had thought Les Miserables was a story about a man passionately in love who killed his rival for a girl. (Where I got that, I'm not sure.) Well, I just found out that it's not, and I think I am going to read the book right away! It sounds really good. And for anyone that likes to listen to radio dramatizations, I recommend Focus on the Family's version (even though I haven't finished it), because what I heard was so good!<br>(And thank you also for all your posts on here. They helped me a lot!)