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Thread: Jane Austen fan coming out

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    Jane Austen fan coming out

    Having just read a novel by this famous author, I will be interested in reading what other forum members think of them.

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    Well I think she's wonderful.

    But do read the novels rather than watch the movies. They are completely different things. She thought she was writing contemporary novels. The movies are period costume dramas.

    Some people don't like her as too limited - Charlotte Bronte was one. If they don't like her, fair enough. There's plenty of great classics that leave me cold.

    But within that limited world she was absolutely spot on.

    Which novel did you read? People usually start with Pride and Prejudice which as it happens I'm reading at the moment.
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    I read all 6, but I intend to reread them more carefully after reading comments by experts.

    I did view most of the movies, but know in advance that, as always, they distort the text to suit the viewing audience, which is different from reader's interests.
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