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Thread: Ye Shall Be As Gods

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    Ye Shall Be As Gods

    “The expression “Ye shall be as gods” of the allegorical serpent of Genesis (3:5) does not, refer to the physiological fall of men [their separation into distinct sexes], but to their acquiring the knowledge of good and evil, which knowledge comes to them prior to their fall. It must not be forgotten that it is only after his forced expulsion from Eden that “Adam knew Eve his wife” (Genesis 4).

    Clearly, no sexual intercourse took place in Eden, nor could it have taken place since Adam-Eve are the types of a primitive hermaphroditic humanity. Also, one of the characteristics of the gods (higher angels) is their knowledge of “good and evil”, which knowledge primitive humanity did not have until after being endowed with a mind by no one else than the “fallen angels”.

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    I tend to disagree with your idea here. It is my understanding and opinion that the Gods and Goddesses are much like humans; we were made in the image an likeness of the Gods. The trees in the garden of Eden are purely metaphorical, as is the whole story. Trying to make much of that story is a mistake, because it doesn't have much in it.
    But I realize that some people disagree with me on that.

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