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Thread: Master's Thesis

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    No Subject

    I absoluetely agree with you!!!!!!!!!!! Completely and totally!!!! The movies will never be as great as the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Are u the same guy who filmed buffy the vampire slayer?<br>Because you have the same name and its spelt the same!!!!!!!

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    joss whedon

    the book

    I don't think any filmed version has come close to the greatness of this book. In fact, I've wondered why the films weren't truer to the book, which could be filmed practically excatly as written, it is so exultantly cinematic. I've read it more than ten times since I was a child, and it holds new wonder for me each time. It's been an influence in my own writings more than I'd guessed. By the way, the edition with illustrations by Ethel Franklin Bettes is by far the best -- they are wonderfully evocative paintings, particularly the one of Sarah looking out at the birds. It really is my very favorite book. The movies -- bah!

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    Wonderful Book

    Hello my name Nancy. I am in Newfoundland, canada, and where i live, the recreational things around, really dont suit my interests.. so i turn to books. My aunt had gave me this book because she had known i would like it. I did. <br>I know the author has passed away, But i want to let her know that this book has inspired me. It has let me know that there is a fighting chance for everyone. The charactors.. the originality for there speah was a wonderful way to inspire someone. Thank you Frances Hodgson Burnett. What a wonderful way to express yourself. <br><br>Nancy Rose

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    The book

    The book was very heartwarming. I loved it! The author seems like she really put some thought into writing it. It made me feel as though I was actually there. I hope she writes more books. Both the book and the movie are great.

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    Great Book

    When I read A Little Princess I loved it but, whent he movie came out I was like okay. The book is much better than the movie. Some people dont want to see the book after they see the movie cause they are afraid that the book will be like the movie.

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    A Little Princess

    I first saw the movie and liked it when I was probably 12 or 13. And that was the Shirley Temple version. I thought that was adorable since I liked Shirley Temple since I was three or four. I then was able to fully understand and like the book later. Since then I have seen a Disney Channel version of the movie and the '95 version. Out of all the versions I have seen I like Shirley Temple and the Disney live version better. If anyone could tell me where to find the version that is like the book I like I would be happy. I could buy the Shirley Temple version at Old Tyme Pottery and have the version that is true to the book too.

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    No Subject

    I've read numerous books but none like this one.I issued it from the library but I want to buy it from wherever it is available.Iwould as well like to know if ther is a movie of the story or not.I really appreciate Frances Hodgson Burnett's skill of writing andI hope to become an equally fantastic writer as her in future.

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    Little Princess

    My father bought me this book when I was a young girl. All young girls, at one time or another, imagine themselves to be princesses. They easily envision themselves wrapped in exquisite velvet gowns and adorned in glittering veils and gold bracelets. Such was the case for me years ago. I'll never forget such a precious time in my life, the sweet memories of a young girl who could immerse herself in such fantasies. This book is probably the best I have read as a child; it is a work of fiction that best calls to mind the magic of my childhood and the simplicity of innocence. This is a book I will surely pass on to my children.

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    great book and movie

    Iloved the movie <br>Ihave seen it a thousand times . I have read the book 2 times. I think the book was better because in the movie her father was live in the end and in the book it said more. I think they could have done the movie more like the book because in the book her dad died and in the movie he endsa up live . I think they sould have just keep it as the story was about the dad dieding . when i read the book i cryed when sara was told she was poor and that her dad died. see you

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    Master's Thesis

    I love the book. But I'm desperately looking for some materials about the author and her writings, because I'm writing my thesis on children's literature. If somebody can help me somehow, I'm looking for books, essays and anything that could help me to find out more about Mrs. Burnett. Thanks a lot.

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    Great Movie

    i thought this movie was a great movie too watch. It was really sad at the end but she gets her wish back. it was such a magical movie. I also enjoyed all the art work that was put in the movie. i really enjoyed the movie. I would watch this over and over a again. My heart fell in love with it the first time i saw it. Well, that's all i have to say for know, until next time. Thanks for making the movie.<br> Your Truly,<br> Shaunna Still

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    When I first saw the movie,I thought It was excellent,a very touching story about a little girl etc...always makes me cry in the end.<br>Not long ago I read the book, and boy oh boy is it totally different to the movie!<br>The whole plot is different in the story,sara dosn't even look the same in the book,Though the book was also very good,I'd have to say i liked the movie better.Basically cuz its a movie,and i like the movie version better than the book and cuz its played out infront of ur eyes.<br>All in all:GOOD STUFF!!

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    A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett

    It was late July and we bought the book from a bookstore, because I have seen the animation, received information and liked it. A Little Princess tells the heartwarming story of a young girl of fortune, who is left destitute after the death of her father. Her vivid imagination and cheerful nature keep up her spirits despite the hard times and neglect, and the good she does to others reaps its own rewards. <br><br> My book's front picture is an illustration by Ethel Franklyn Betts from the 1905 edition of A Little Princess. It is published by penguin classics, 1996. Francess also published Little Lord Fauntleroy(1885), and Secret Garden(1911). She died 1924, a few weeks before her seventy-fifth birthday. <br><br> I have seen some movies, but they are edited. Some endings are not from the story, like that Captain Crewe did not die, and it was Tom who died. But, whenever I read the book, I feel better than watching the movie. And, Jessie is the only one who is with that Lavinia. If you'll ask me, Ermengarde is fat. Some movies made her slim. Lottie, she is curly, not long-haired. <br><br> After all, the movies are wrong. And I know that if I am only a director, I would make the right movie. That is all I can say.

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    Hello...I just finished reading this book and i have to say that i absolutely loved it. I watched the movie a million times but it didn't exactly compare to the book. I am really glad that i got to read this and i am working on an essay for this book! Luv Stephanie

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