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    I think it's a cool story, too, but I'm not sure it's good over evil because all the musketeers kind of DIE in the end, and not just die, they die kind of gruesome deaths! except for Aramis. And Philippe ends up in the prison, in the mask. I always thought he was the good brother. I think he should have ended up being king. oh, well... so what's your company that was so inspired by this story?

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    Or are you talking about the Count of Monte Cristo? If so, I can totally understand what you mean. so, what's your company?

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    Book compared with Movie

    Hi the Man in the Iron Mask is without a doubt one of my favourite movies. I love Bryne's character of d'Artagnan and his love for the Queen. I'd like to read the book but I heard d'Artagnan doesn't really love the Queen in the book is that true? Thanks!

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    Darren's inspiration

    Dumas is a marvelous writer and I'm happy for Darren. Good literature can inspire us. Dumas would be pleased!

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    This honestly has to be the greatest story ever written....I live for this.. It's also a lesson on how good really can over power evil if you try your best and work hard... This book and what it taught me is the one reason I was able to make my company... I realized that I was trying to do good by providing a service. While my family told me to forget it cause it'll never happen... I proved them wrong. As i felt captive in my cell at home. I found a few people that believed in me and did everything they could to help me succeed.. I thank them for everything..

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