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    that's not true.... The Death of d'Artagnan takes place after the epilogue<br><br>maybe you were reading a different version..........?

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    (SPOILER WARNING!) <br>In the version I am reading (Gateway Movie Classics) there is a strange occurrence with the Epilogue. In the last chapter, "The Death of D'Artagnan", D'Artagnan dies in a battle. But in the Epilogue, which takes place four years later, he is alive again. What happened? Maybe this is explained in some of Dumas's other books--I have so far only read THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK and an abridged version of THE THREE MUSKETEERS. But I'd be grateful if someone would explain this, because, though I plan to read the other books, there are alot and it will be awhile until I'm done with them. Thanks!

    <b>Admin Response</b> Check out our page for The Vicomte de Bragelonne. I believe you have the order of your books confused.

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