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Thread: A literary work-of-art!

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    A literary work-of-art!

    This book is a superfluous example of the type of literature that should pervade our lives. I'm 26 years old. This is the first classic novel that I've ventured to read after leaving school. And it was truly a magnificent piece of writing. I've found that off all the classics I've studied, I appreciate none. I blame this lack of literary significance on the fact that I STUDIED it, and therefore was not able to FEEL it. If you are forced to read a classic, read it as you would any other novel. Don't attempt to dissect it on your virgin acquaintance with it. Attempt all classics in this way - open minded, aiming to enjoy it. Dissect it afterwards, if you have the bad luck of having doing it as an English 'set' book.

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    Thumbs up Jane Eyre


    You are so right! I am 39 years old and grew up without much television/ had a huge imagination and read Jane Eyre 6 times for sheer thrill ,,,in the 6th grade...and "Got it" the first time....that was not through life experience/ age or, wisdom..........sooo the people who do not "get it"........grab a Danielle Steele...I do not even know how to spell it? LOL!

    Just encouragement and humour from a fellow fan
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    I agree

    I am 15 years old and i have just read Jane Eyre for the first time! it is the most capturing book i have ever read and i am now insueing to read it once more! I totaly agree with your assesmant!

    CE xxx

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