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    Films have no elements for a compact and great story, unless through literature.

    Films, when they originated from literature, have proved themselves to be good ones, always to be remembered. It not only provided the literature involved in those film to rise up, cross geographical...
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    Heart is quantification and mind is qualification. Poetry is intelligence at play

    Heart is quantification and mind is a qualification, of matter. One is matter precipitated and the other is matter amorphous. Thoughts, feelings and emotions, which are the chief constituents of...
  3. Paradise Lost is not at all a hard literary...

    Paradise Lost is not at all a hard literary creation, difficult or non-interesting to read. Its creator John Milton had one of the most musical minds of his century, as evidenced by the perfect music...
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    Before examining whether Beowulf is an...

    Before examining whether Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon adventure and whether Beowulf is the only hero in the saga, we have to take into account a few historical facts concerning this epic poem. The first...
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    Ghosts should be there, peopling the unobservable realms of time, beyond and around.

    As a start it would be good to read one of Arthur Conan Doyle's lesser known novels, I think its name is The World Of Mist, in which Professor Challenger explores this question of life after death....
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    Deep waters in stagnant rocky pools shall not be stared at or even looked at.

    A sentence in a poem cannot be explained satisfactorily by taking it away from the real context of the poem. From the lines, it looks inspired by the Persian poets, for whom it was not unnatural to...
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    Rotten London taxation was thrown to Thames because of Alexander Pope.

    It is like asking whether The Iliad, The Odessey, The Mahabharata and The Ramayana influenced and shaped human minds and caused things happen or not. Poetry do influence people and do cause things to...
  8. A great mass of inferior poems prevented Wordsworth's appreciation.

    William Wordsworth and William Butler Yeats share more similarities than differences in their poetical themes, convictions, ideologies and craft than can be assimilated in a quick glance. Both were...
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    Substituting the name Valencieen in Hardy's poem with Vietnaam will make it current.

    Not exactly the reply to the thread or to the search for the poem in quest but Thomas Hardy's poem 'The Valencieens' describes a similar situation, though it was written decades earlier. Substituting...
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    Warbling sweet music to the stars in the midst of sorrows.

    Litnet writers often have been observed to be great readers and thinkers who practically have no time to refer to poems unless it is provided on the screen before them. Not all can remember or repeat...
  11. Link to Caedmond's Genesis.

    Caedmond's Genesis is still in circulation. For L.M.The Third's reference, a link to his 18 poems including 17 from Genesis is noted here. Hope they would be interesting to read in the present times....
  12. The position, distance from centre, mass and gravity of Planet Earth decided things.

    Contributor 'Nietzsche' above said it right when he said that 'The world meets the bare requirements to not die. Oh, how he would have loved to know that Mars' atmosphere went away and suffocated any...
  13. Mankind did not hesitate to sacrifice Long Life for Ultimate Knowledge.

    It is the collective knowledge of the society that enables us to know about the existence or non-existence of a God. Because we know about it, we teach our children on those lines. But how did the...
  14. Upto Three years, a child is in God's custody.

    We may often can see little children, if left alone, speak to so many things in his or her babbling indistinct language and smiling at things. If we stealthily go behind them and look for what they...
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    One hundred thousand million million stolen and stashed abroad.

    As Paulclem pointed out, poor people in India Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka and many other countries in Asia and Africa do not enjoy as great a level of state-provided social security as in countries...
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    Let the picture in all countries come out as regard to begging and poverty.

    N Europe or U K does not constitute the world. There is a world outside with millions and millions of people. While posting opinions it is good to go to page one and see the thread start so that...
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    Poor people have always been kind to the poor


    Pictures of Oil Paintings on wood by Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller, an Austrian Painter who lived during 1793-1865 tell us how the world happily helped the...
  18. A fine picture of a Heron, a send-off to a departing human being.

    A 'hunched grey shape
    'Framed by leaves
    With 'lake water behind,

    Standing on our
    Little point of
    Land like a small monk.
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    All political philosophers since Plato were...

    All political philosophers since Plato were echos: When their spell vanished, things reverted.

    The oldest political...
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    Death is the end of all earthly cares and the beginning of a new way of life.

    Death is the end of all earthly cares and the beginning of a new way of life uncorpuscular. Suppose we have come to this world for a brief stay away from our home. Won't we be happy to return to our...
  21. Shakespeare was a poet who wished to be read and studied than acted on stage.

    It is common knowledge that Shakespeare went to a good school, he was a diligent learner, had a very good knowledge of history, was an adept in plotting themes and moreover and more than everything,...
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    Writers lead governments, not governments govern writers.

    It was the famous British philosopher, playwright and critic George Bernard Shaw who in one of his B.B.C. Radio Broadcasts said, if there indeed is poverty in your country, then don't bark about...
  23. Inexperience and fame are the two that are responsible for bad writings.

    William Wordsworth is a very good poet. But entering his poetry is like entering a dense forest with weeds and dead wood everywhere and fruit trees too scanty to be seen at a glance. He has written...
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    Unless share marketing is not done with, begging will continue.

    As Vonny pointed out, it is sad to reflect on our friends who cannot afford to go to a doctor when we can. The sight of their faces sitting somewhere and coughing and shivering away their destiny...
  25. Socrates considered himself as a satisfied pig.

    If this question 'Socrates dissatisfied or a pig satisfied, which would you choose?' was asked to Aristotle, a prominent member of the Socratic School of Thought and the developer of Logic as a...
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