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  1. Henry Hazlitt and Matthew Arnold thought novels were lower than poetry?

    I was listening to the In Our Time podcast about Victorian Realism and the host mentioned in passing how Hazlitt and Matthew Arnold felt the novel was too popular and not in the same category as...
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    Victorian short stories

    Are there any short story writers from the Victorian era who would be the short story equivalents of the great novelists of the time like Dickens or George Eliot in that they are both regarded as...
  3. Critical reputation of Alice in Wonderland

    I'm curious about how critics appraise Alice in Wonderland today? Is it regarded as a great novel, one of the 100 greatest or just a popular classic?
  4. How did Harold Bloom rise to such a level of eminence?

    There seems to be a level of reverence around this guy and even I, who knows no other scholar of literature, have heard of him. How did this reputation get made?
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    Eileen Myles - radical?

    I'm reading this article

    and at one point they say:

    I'm curious what that means, that she is a "radical thinker", as I...
  6. Changes in what's viewed as high or low in art?

    The recent Pulitzer Prize win by a rapper got me thinking, does what is considered high and what is considered low in art change over time? I'm too young and underread to be able to answer this...
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    I never said anything about popular success. I'm...

    I never said anything about popular success. I'm talking about reputation as a great novel.
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    Catch 22 - why so highly regarded?

    It seems this novel is routinely listed as one of the greatest English language novels of the 20th century and I'm wondering why. I'm not saying it doesn't deserve that status, I'm just curious why...
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    List of most expensive books?

    Does anyone know where a fella might find a list of the most expensive books (biggest auction sales) that he could be sure was up to date? I find a few articles online, but they're all a few years...
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  11. Dorothy Parker, Perleman, Benchley etc. - audiobooks available?

    I'm assuming all these folks are in the public domain now, if not the mods can go ahead and delete this.

    Does anyone know whether free audiobooks are available anywhere online of Dorothy Parker or...
  12. Genera equivalent of New Yorker Fiction Podcast

    I love the New Yorker Fiction Podcast. I love the format in particular. If you're not familiar with it, they have a writer over who picks a short story from the New Yorker's archive and then he...
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    I'll look into Note Tab Lite. But that's...

    I'll look into Note Tab Lite.

    But that's more of a heavy program, I think, like Word. I'm looking for something very light like Wordpad.
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    Lightweight text editor for writing?

    Can anyone recommend a good lightweight text editor?

    I used to use Win XP's Wordpad and it was perfect for my purposes, but now I updated to Win 10 and the new Wordpad has the problem that it has...
  15. When I google "Bachelor of Languages in English"...

    When I google "Bachelor of Languages in English" it gets two results, one being you.
  16. Bachelor of English language and literature?

    I'm not from an English speaking coutnry and I'm wondering what the proper term is for someone who has a BA in English. I've seen titles like "Bachelor of Science in Mathematics" but when I google...
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    Phone anxiety?

    I'm about to make a call to an insurance company and I find myself terribly anxious about the phone call. I remember feeling this way before about calling people on the phone.

    Does anyone else...
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    Alternative to Slate Culture Podcast

    I think I asked this once already, but didn't get anywhere, so I want to try again:

    I listen to the Slate Culture podcast and I love the content and the idea, culture vulture types discussing...
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    Then go start your own thread

    Then go start your own thread
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    Lets bring this down to earth and not draw...

    Lets bring this down to earth and not draw tenuous connections between features of fantasy fiction and conservatism:

    Are fantasy writers mainly conservative IN THEIR POLITICAL VIEWS? (or are there...
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    Fantasy fiction conservative?

    I was reading the wikipedia entry to a book called Iron Council and there's this passage in there:

    "Still, fantasy fiction is usually fabulously conservative, and Iron Council with its implicit...
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    Travel - anyone else not interested?

    I'm a college student and a lot of people in college are very interested in travel and doing a lot of it and I find it doesn't appeal to me at all. Is there anyone else (regardless of whether you're...
  23. Just make sure you don't overdo it. :)

    Just make sure you don't overdo it. :)
  24. I'm curious, how many people here have friends in...

    I'm curious, how many people here have friends in real life in your circle who read books, any books, not just literary fiction.

    If you don't have such friends, is it that your friends are not the...
  25. Finding out how many units a novel has sold?

    Is there any site where I could find how many units of some book have been sold (preferably internationally)?

    Specifically I'm curious about James Ellroy's books and how much he sells and how it...
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