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    Dark Poetry

    To some of you who may or may not remember me, I've posted eariler this year asking other members as well as anyone who may be a member of the publishing community ( agents/publishing staff ) to view...
  2. Responses are appreciated

    Thanks again to all who post comments.

    To the member who posted the most recent comment, I would ask to keep in mind what little I put down is just a sample. There is a whole host of text that...
  3. Its interesting you are the second person I've...

    Its interesting you are the second person I've come across that brought up the fact that a person may or may not have to be famous at some point in their life in order to write an autobiography. I...
  4. Autobiographic Novel : The teaser trailer

    I've posted a message here before about asking interested members to evaluate my work particularly my writing quality/style. Below is a sample of pretext ( quasi-synopsis ) I want to send literary...
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