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  1. Greenmantle Theme

    There is double theme of sacrifice and honor running through the storyline with the 4 main characters.
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    Answer to 3) The word "agencies" refers to other...

    Answer to 3) The word "agencies" refers to other avenues of pursuit, one of which being the advertisement that Holmes put in the paper requesting information regarding the missing boat, Captain...
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    Answers to your questions

    When Gregson went up 3 stairs at a time he was in a hurry. This fact would not only cause the loudness of each step to be magnified, but in doing so, there would be less footfalls heard to achieve...
  4. John Buchan, One of the World's Greatest Authors

    Author, John Buchan, puts so much life into his characters that one feels as if these are truly palpable beings sitting in a room telling you their story. Better yet, the reader is a tiny "fly" in...
  5. Good books

    ANY of John Buchan's books are EXCELLENT for the categories of honor, virtue, goodness, and patriotism. Most of the books have recurring characters so it is important to read them chronologically...
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    Little Things

    Yes, I also notice little things which appear in The Count of Monte Cristo that I missed when I last read the book.

    One plot line of thought Dumas could/should have expanded was the letter...
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    Advice Needed on Similiar Book Plots to The Count of Monte Cristo

    The Count of Monte Cristo is my favorite book as I have read it 6 times in different versions.

    Please divulge other books that have hidden treasure used for revenge or similiar plots.
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    The Count of Monte Cristo makes it plain to Franz...

    The Count of Monte Cristo makes it plain to Franz on the island of Monte Cristo that with all of his travels, he has yet to step foot in France or Paris for that fact. This information is repeated...
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