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    Merry Christmas, Bluebiird!!
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    I think it would be nice visiting all my friends in the list..
    Howdy do Bluebiird? Every time I think of blog I think of you...I'm looking forward in your blogs
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    I can't believe it still. Why David?! Whyyyyyyy?!

    (ps. hugh laurie would make such a cool doctor who, they should consider him I wonder how much younger the doctor is gonna get now. Let's pray they don't hire Zac Effron
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    what? what?
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    Anime? huh.. we have something in common. Any good ones?
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    Blog girl blog--even without the numbers/competion to create I miss your voyage thru academia?
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    Are you still with us? I admit the blog changes have annoyed me no end because the old system made it easier to find stuff but I haven't seen you lately. How's your Mom for instance and school and all that.
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    Thank you bluebiird! Thanks for adding me in your friends-list
  9. How's life? Dull is the answer to that. All the things I could be doing I just don't, like blogging for example
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    oh me gah! You could have sooooo much fun customizing your page to your profile pic... you should do it. ^^
    How's life?
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It's Normal to Name Christmas Trees

by Bluebiird on 01-13-2020 at 04:40 AM
Today's bin day (well it should be anyway. It hasn't happened yet. I plan to be in bed when it happens so as not to get sad. It's also normal to be sad when you're Christmas tree gets taken away right?)
One of the most recent blog entries I did was on this subject a couple of years ago.
Why do I always seem to blog around Christmas/New Year?
Because I used to write up the daily contents of my advent calendars in my teens.....early 20's too? Definately in my teens.

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My First Non-depressed Christmas

by Bluebiird on 12-27-2019 at 02:49 AM
So far at least.
Hello. Long time no see
Why so long?
Several reasons. Laziness mostly.
I decided to drop in so that you know I'm alive.
One quick note. In the New Year of 2019 (the first week or two) my computer broke. Still don't know why. Probably because I'd get up, turn it on and it would stay on until I went to bed whether or not I was actually doing anything on it. It's a home computer. Not an office computer. It wasn't designed for that level of

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Death and Christmas

by Bluebiird on 12-16-2018 at 01:51 AM
Now thereís a title that seems like a deliberate cry for attention. Sorry couldnít come up with anything better at the moment.
Iím grappling with something and I figured rather than work it out on my own Iíd see if people Iíve never met in my life might want to chip in, or just skim through to get the jist of it and say nothing. Thatís fine too. I donít mind.

So. Thereís a funeral in a few days and Iím trying to work out if I should go or not.
Itís for my dadís aunt

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Part 2 of 2

by Bluebiird on 07-24-2018 at 12:32 PM
Nice as it is to be meandering down memory lane I had a list of things to list.
Mumís birthday. It was January. You may remember The Spotted Cake from Hell. Well. I was asked how the cake turned out after Iíd microwaved it and all.
The cake didnít come out perfect. It wasnít soggy anymore but it was rather dense. The cake mix didnít completely expand all the way so there were one or two little holes in the middle but the gaps were smaller than they were before I microwaved it. It

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Just a Few Things

by Bluebiird on 07-24-2018 at 12:31 PM
Part 1 of 2

Hello. I havenít been here for a while. Ah. I thought as much. My nails are a little long for prolonged typing after all. ďI wonder if my nails are too long to typeĒ was going to be my next sentence you see. Well. Theyíre not that long so Iím just using the side or tip of some of them for a little. So. How have I been?
Same as always. Feeling reflective so blog. Iím not so reliant on keeping the blog for external memory, by which I mean memories written down somewhere,

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