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    Heh, I've never heard that one before. I think that's my favorite thing about him - the music is simple, but at the same time it always leaves me with some sort of feeling, although, what it is, I've never been able to figure out.

    The first one that I heard by him was Walkabout, which is still my favorite, probably because Panda Bear is in it. Here's the link if you want to listen to it:
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    I'm guessing that you're a fan of Atlas Sound?
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    THe PB here is channel 13 but it doesn't have those shows. I don't have History Channel. I don't have any cable channels, just the networks, which is fine because all my favorite shows are network shows anyway. The only one on cable is Dexter. I have to wait till the following year to see it on DVD.
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    I looked up Nova and Masterminds but couldn't find them on channel 13 (PBS). What's the channel you watch them on? I used to watch Forensics, I think that's the name of the show, on Discovery. But I stopped paying for cable channels. Now I get my forensics fix from tv crime series.
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    Nova sounds good. Is it on PBS? I watched them for a while then they're off the programming. I'll have to check the tv schedule again.

    I never liked Conan when he was in the 12:35 time slot but he matured into a young Jay Leno so now I watch the first half hour of the show every night. He adapted a lot of Jay Leno's style as a stand up comic and his stand up routine is all one-liner jokes, so it's nice since I loved watching Jay Leno. The Conando skits are hysterical. Once in a while he'll have a stunt guy choreograph some moves for him and its always very funny.

    I watch House once in a while when all my shows go into repeats.
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    My attention span is terribly short so the shows have to be suspenseful in order to hold my interest, so most of my shows are crime shows:

    NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist. Those are the must-sees. I think they're very well written. Then comes the CSIs. I don't like any of the casts that much, but I like the science. Lower on the list are Medium, Numbers, NCIS Los Angeles. For late night comic relief I watch the first half hour of Conan O'Brien. Used to be a big Jay Leno fan but only watch him now when the other shows are repeats. What do you watch?
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    I asked because you asked if I watch the Can version. I watched S2, 3 and 5 but S6 followed S5 almost immediately, I was too saturated to see another one. Plus my regular TV nights started again, and I too have shows I'm addicted to. I never used to watch this many shows but the writing has gotten so good and edgy, these shows rival big time movies,. I also learn a lot of science and other things watching them. Entertainment and education hand in hand, who can ask for more?
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    wow, a dancing family? how cool is that!!! I can't get the CAN show here, so I only watch the US one. Have you been watching S6?
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    hi, thanks for the visit
    in my head I came up with a few main categories: theatrical, ballroom, cabaret and street. Theatrical dance is stage dancing and you dance to the audience, such as jazz and ballet. So you'd choreo facing front.
    Ballroom is social dancing, you dance with a partner (waltz, cha cha, disco, etc) and you move in relation to your partner.
    Cabaret is offstage performance, so there's more interacting directionals.
    And then there's street dancing break dancing and hip hop, which has become mainstream. It's mostly what you see in music videos now.
    Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance?
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    Ok, Ok, I hear you. Thanks for dropping in and checking it out anyway. I love having visitors. Drop in anytime.
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