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    Well stay on! I'm talking to my mom right now!
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    I will reply to you. Just give me a minute dude!
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    Hey now, it's not our fault the seasons are weird here! Haha.

    Oh, ha, I don't think I'd say that! There are lots of people that could ride him if they put the time into him. I've been riding him for 7 years now and my other guy I just started riding a year ago. When I was riding regularly and showing a full season, we went to between 12 and 15 shows a year (over a period of about 5 months).

    Yeah, I don't see a polo pony being very useful for you haha. That's too bad though that there aren't more places around to ride! There are tons where I live.

    Yeah, I don't know what I'll do if I don't get in to vet school I don't really have a backup plan at this point. At least I'll come out of it with my undergrad degree, even if I don't go to vet school. Yeah, it really bothers me when people go to university and do absolutely nothing. Stop wasting your time and others as well!

    Yeah, I think that's the part that turns away a lot of prospective vets. That's something I really like about the vet I work for- before every euthanasia he always gave us a kind of pep-talk about how we only do this for the good of the animal and it is really helpful. It's still always sad though.
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    No need to apologize!

    The school year here runs from September to April, so I'm off from May to August. That's for two full semesters, so we're off for the summer. When does your school year run? I'm guessing it works out so you're free during part of the summer?

    The horses actually belong to the riding stable, but there's an arrangement called part-boarding where I pay the barn more and the horse is mine for three days a week and I can take him to whatever shows I want, and the stable only uses him for lessons when I'm not riding him. It just works out that my horse is kind of difficult, so not very many people ride him other than me, so he's pretty much mine haha. I've been riding him for so long now that everyone refers to him as mine, even though I no longer part-board.

    That's too bad that he wrecked your confidence! It's hard sometimes if you're not used to it, and the only way to overcome that is riding a good quiet horse for a while. You should get back into it! It's worth it, I promise

    To be a vet here, you have to have at least two years of an undergrad degree (with the right credits of course), a good mark on the MCATs (Medical college admission tests), and then you apply to vet school which is a separate college you attend for at least 2 years. I think I remember reading somewhere that in Australia, some of your undergrad credits apply to your vet certification or something like that, but that doesn't happen here. There are also only 4 vet schools in the country so it's really competitive. I don't mind the bad bits! I suppose they're something I've been able to get used to- they're always sad, but I guess it's just part of the job! I can understand how it would be hard though!

    Man, why don't we have that many vet shows? I'm jealous!

    p.s. Sorry this is a novel haha!
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    Cowboys... haha.

    It's kind of like been there, done that, next on the list- I would go back permanently once I'm done all my other travels, though. I fell in love with all of the people I was around and my life there. Plus, being able to foray into London twice a week was pretty awesome! As for America the U.S.A is the bastard country, in my HUMBLE opinion and analysis of their political and social system. I love NYC and L.A, though... xD. I know entirely about the desire to see if things in other places are how you envision them.

    I hate ordering pizza, or food on the phone, or calling the operator for directions. I don't like the fact that, unlike with e-mail, I can't plot out what I'm going to say. I don't like improvisation. =( I don't like rooms with too many doors, or sitting with my back to doors, etc. I have to cover my T.V screen with a sheet or a towel at night because I find myself looking in the screen at reflections, etc.

    I don't know what time it was when I sent that anymore. *shrug* I think you're... fourteen hours ahead though. Or something close to that.
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    well... i love all kinds of video games...
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    yes here is a link...kitsunians rising
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    we should be friends... whaddya say?
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    My computer
    Taking photos
    Recieving real letters
    Being silly/ random
    polymer clay
    lit net
    video games
    and more...
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NaNoWriMo -Thoughts?

by IJustMadeThatUp on 10-22-2017 at 05:27 AM
November is coming up and that means so is NaNoWriMo. I'm thinking about doing it this year. For a good chunk of November, I will be residing in a small, holiday town. I'll be flying daily to a nearby island and picking up wildlife for translocation. They'll be flown to an in-land sanctuary and then I'll fly back to the town each day. This will leave me with free afternoons/evenings, and I was trying to decide what to do with myself besides walking, swimming, reading, watching movies and cooking

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by IJustMadeThatUp on 10-07-2017 at 11:00 AM
I miss spending time on these forums. Reading back over my blog entries makes me cringe, but also gives me a warm feeling of nostalgia. The people and the upheaval in my life at the time made this a special place for retreat and reflection.

I don't know if there is any going back to recapture these moments. Sometimes it's best to fondly look back and reminisce every so often. Or start afresh.

I'm an ecologist now. I'm still getting used to saying that without the imposter

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About Me


by IJustMadeThatUp on 09-05-2013 at 12:30 PM
We can't shoulder our packs and lug them around. You have to be sneaky, pretend it doesn't exist. They must be hidden, tucked away.

A bit in a pocket.

Some pushed into a sock.

No lumps allowed, the surface must be smooth and flawless.

Occasionally, a crumpled piece will fall out. God forbid. Pick it up before somebody sees, stuff it away again. Shoulders back, head erect, stand tall. Nobody can know the true weight of the burden, or you'll

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New Avatar

by IJustMadeThatUp on 02-08-2011 at 02:10 AM
It's changed It's my friend and I at Southbound - a festival where we camped for four days in 40 degree heat (celcius).

I've been making the most of my summer, spent thousands on festival tickets, even more on booze, eaten great food, rekindled friendships, been to the beach a lot, got an amazing tan, lost weight and had possibly too much fun.. There's still a bit of loneliness that creeps in, but I guess everyone gets that.

I'm not working at the koala park unfortunately,

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by IJustMadeThatUp on 02-03-2011 at 03:16 AM
Hi All,

I'm going to attempt to work this little old site back into my life.





I'll think about it and update more later.