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    Thanks; no fun getting ready (hate housework!), but fun tomorrow, no doubt, although it is suppose to get colder again and rain. Did you see someone's degragatory remark in a thread where one of our discussions is taking place? Haha. I had to just laugh. That remark really encourages others to finish the book.
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    Yeah, that was really funny in the one thread, wasn't it? I laughed and laughed. I can't write much on here today. Really busy getting ready for my company. I bought Brooke some more clothes last night at Babys-R-US. I should take a photo to show you. They are so adorable! I can't wait until tomorrow. Should be great fun but now I need to go and clean the kitchen floor and vacumn the living room. Time is fleeting.
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    "Phantom" tickets go on sale this Sunday. I actually have an email to buy them in advance, but my niece wants to go with me, and I haven't talked to her yet about when to go. So I guess I will wait until Sunday to get them. But I guess it looks as if I will be seeing it for a third time now!
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    Thank goodness you came to your senses! Just imagine if you actually got your hair cut again! I don't know about you, but I tend to become depressed when my hair is shorter than I care to have it. I think it is the thought that I know I have to go through the process of waiting for it to grow to the length that it was before I cut it that depresses me. Well, if you ever have that thought again, be sure to tell me so that I can give you guidance to avoid falling into such a trap! My hair is all one length now (I need to cut the ends, though - they are starting to look not-so-nice). But I think the bangs will add a little variety. What is odd about my hair is that the shorter it gets the straighter my hair is. Whereas other people seem to have their hair get curly/wavy with shorter hair. I think the fact that my hair gets like that is why it looks so bad with layers.

    Well, that is good news that all is going well with the shirts. How many will be printed then? Hey! There is nothing wrong with dreaming about the business being so successful that you will eventually be running it from a French Chateau! After all, look at what is under my name. I still think that my acting will eventually lead to that coveted prize. Of course, a film career wouldn't hurt either, money wise. But one thing at a time. First Broadway. Then the Tonys! And then maybe the silver screen. If only....

    Oh, lucky you if you get to Florence. I have never set foot out of the states. My major goal is England. At some point I will make it there. I was hoping to go on a major road trip out east this summer (I am a road trip junkie). I am dying to get back to DC. I went there over 8 years ago and I have been itching to get back ever since then.

    No, I said that I hadn't seen that "Wuthering Heights" yet. But I just made that number one on my Netflix list tonight. So I will be getting that next. You mentioned the moors, and that made me think of something. I absolutely LOVE to sing "The Heather On the Hill" from "Brigadoon". Isn't crazy that whenever I sing it I automatically think of Cathy and Heathcliff?

    Well, I finally watched "Flesh and the Devil" last night. One of my favorite silent films. I just love John Gilbert. For some reason, though, I simply cannot watch that man without feeling so sorry for him. I keep thinking about how he was such a huge star whose career ended because of the talkies (his voice was fine), Garbo jilted him on the wedding day, and he died before he was 40. I seriously looked at him last night and felt so bad because little did he know that 10 years from then his life would result in all of that. Really a shame.

    Maybe we live closer than we realize! When it is rainy there, it is rainy here. And when it is a sunny blue sky there, it is the same here. It was a really nice day today. I took my nephews down to the Jelly Belly Factory. Afterwards I figured I'd let the little nephew play at a park. It was a little breezy, but it was nice enough to let him run around and have a good time.

    Oh, I see your point, and do agree, about the ending (with TA), but still...it was a let-down. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't that. I know! I felt the same way about Robert!! Well, like I said to Janine, I need to skim through that book. I only read it like last year, but there is less that I remember about it than I thought I did. I remember a good amount of characters and events, but when I saw some of the posts in the thread, I realized that I need to refresh my memory a little before I say anything.
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    Left you the book link in my 5:31PM message.
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    Likewise: It may not have come across properly, but I detest the winter... I have to endure it, though.

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    Judging from your avatar...I think you might like the art in the album of alakungfu...
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    Check my last profile message since I edited it a bit and then you had already send another. My friend also has problems with that and has lost a cat recently, now terrified she will lose another. I don't want anymore myself because of that pain; so I do understand how you feel.
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    Strange, I have been really bad lately and on a later schedule than everyone; even eating my dinner later and later each night. I need to reform my ways. Usually though, I don't eat after 8PM; I used to eat about 6; so see what I mean? Anymore, I am averaging 7PM instead; not really good for me.

    Yes, well the kittens would have been killed left alone, I am sure. It's hard to raise wild things and these cats probably were wild. I have had some triumphs and others not. I now have no desire to try to save the little ducklings, because I was so broken-hearted about losing the one I raised. I also bonded with him; he was just adorable and followed me around while I made my breakfast. But a cage all day, is no good for wild animals. I think the kittens lack the warm of the mother cat and that bonding, too. I think that is why they are unlikely to survive.

    I looked on Amazon for you and found the book new, paperback. I will locate the link again. It was not that much money. To be honest with you, I read mostly all L's work by now, and so I am now reading more obscure things; so these obscure works are not for everyone; some may find them boring or inferior. That's why I got it, curiosity, I guess. I actually thought I might not like it that much; but it surprised me. It doesn't have much plot, but it's beautifully written. I would recommend reading the synopsis first, to make sure you would like the story. It is about a cheating husband, who is unhappy and goes away for a weekend to a Scottish Island with this woman he has been seeing; I won't tell you anymore, it might spoil it. In some ways, the man the one having the awakening. The book is here on this site, online text; it's in the main Lawrence page. It would wise to check out the writing, before you buy it.

    Here's the link to the Amazon page for the novel:http://www.amazon.com/Trespasser-D-H...43/ref=sr_1_2?
    If you notice, you can also buy the hard-back from several independent sellers and there seems to be a lot of used ones in pristine condition.
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    Yes, quite a bit happier and hopeful of the visit...and they just send me new photos of Brooke. These are so cute, I must put the best in an album in here, but will have to delete the old ones which will kill me to do; even though I have them online on Snapfish and on my HD. I will copy everyone's nice comments out, before I move onto uploading more of Brooke Elise. I have many: cute Christmas, Valentine's Day and a few the day they came for my birthday. Thanks on the names. More on that later in IM.

    Well, I do agree, considering her personality, that the book could not have turned out any other way. They really didn't have any other options back then and people were oppressed by society. You really should read "The Trespasser" by Lawrence. I think you would like that book. It is totally poetic and lovely prose; it takes place mostly by the seaside, too. What is really interesting, is the fact it's based on a true story, actual events relayed to Lawrence from his friend, Helen. Later he wrote onr of the short stories we discussed. This story follows the events in that book. Now I wish to re-read "Witch a la Mode" and see exactly the connections, references made in the story. When we discuss TA on the thread, I am sure the discussion will be involved and interesting. Can't wait to hear what you write; you really are quite perceptive. Can't wait to hear also from LadyWentworth; she too is very perceptive and writes well.

    There is a park near Lynne's house and that's a few small towns south of here. The park is a national park and right on the river; has restrooms. It's very pleasant to take a lounge chair there, sit under the tree and read and listen to music on my headphones, or just peacably read. I will, no doubt, take my little Sony with a movie sometime in the summer. Down the road is a very good ice-cream parlor... eeekk... here comes more calories!

    It is very sunny here today. My aunt stopped in, which was nice. She brought bad news though. One of the tiny kittens died. She took the others to a vet and there a woman will care for them until they are grown, but the vet said it's a miracle if they do survive. Sorry to tell you this. They are so precious, but so newborn/fragile. Well, that is nature and you can only do what you can, right? I know, I raised a little duckling and nearly lost him one night but he pulled through; then he got too hard to handle in a cage and needed to be wild again. I took him to a refuge to release him, but I felt terrible about it. He had quite bonded to me and so I was torn up with guilt inside doing it. It was truly a "Born Free" story. I can only hope he made out ok and got on well with other ducks his age, 'teenager'..haha. I named him Mr. Peepers; you can imagine why! I will post some photo of him soon in the photo thread. He liked flip-flops. I guess they're flat, so they looked something like mother duck feet to him.
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