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    Oh my gosh, I still owe you a response to your comments. I'll have to do it through email. Take care, my friend.
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    The home construction will be done in conjunction with my county program for a no interest loan that only gets paid back when the house is ever the expense is nothing to worry too much about currently. I am excited but getting really nervous as to what to do with a lot of antique breakable items. See my albums and you will see what I mean. I collected Transferware dishware for years (English). Hey perhaps Lawrence once drank out of one of my cups. Not only my own collection but my mother has a large collection of glass. I am thinking now that a driveway will be put in where the existing cement one is; this will cause a lot of vibration in the house. I am wondering what to do with everything since the contractor will be working all over the house at some point. Eekkkk...I think I need help!
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    Wow, it's good to know the book was great. I would like it, no doubt, especially if he talks to his critics....Lawrence had some choice phrases for them. I meant to look in my Posthumus (sp?) book to see if it could be in there. I liked some of Lawrence's more obscure books. I loved "The Lost Girl" and I liked "The Boy in the Bush"...I also own a copy of the movie version starring a very young Kenneth Branagh...what could be better; I am fans of both! I am about due to rewatch that movie. I really liked it and the book a lot.
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    It hurts more when you lift it. I tried to curl my hair today and it was super painful. Even driving and using the turn signal hurt. It's better than it was yesterday. I was dying night before...have no idea how I did just snuck up on me. I had it once before. I think I have arthritis in that joint. Typing actually doesn't hurt that much. It's doing stupid little things which hurts the worst.

    I managed to take my mom to her dr appointment and to get pizza for lunch; then went to bank and library - now I am up too early and didn't get enough sleep last night. Tonight I will sleep but an inspector is coming tomorrow early afternoon.
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    I fixed the type on Explorer. I really just designated the size to be 100% under 'zoom'. I had already set the size under 'text size' to largest, but that did not do it. Now I am back in business. Some things look too big but that's ok. I won't go blind. Litnet type looks just right and the computer glasses are working like a charm...only thing is I must remember not to lift my head like I did for my bifocals...I am gradually getting used to them and they are a great improvement over using my bifocals for computer work.

    I am daudling again and need to go and do things in the house. I am a terrible procrastinator, as you can well see.
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    Oh meant to tell you, I found some of the excerpts from the movie based on L's "The Fox". I liked that book very much. I downloaded the excerpts from YT. I do that often. It's easy now that I found the correct free program.

    Have a great weekend!
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    I liked what you posted in the Lawrence thread and later today I hope to get around to answering it. You're a gem and you help to keep the thread it took a wee little nap; it's still there and it's still active....good for us, right?

    I got that :arms: as a that right? haha...code didn't work.

    I don't feel terribly guilty because I know I will always be here in some capacity. Litnet has been my lifeline for a long time...helped me maintain my sanity. I love this place but sometimes one needs a short break and with the house construction it's going to have to be mandatory. I have to pack up all my stuff so nothing gets broken. I am a nervous wreck about it already; but I will get through it and my china collection will survive and get cleaned in the's been overdue for sometime.

    Going now to check out the files. Thanks so much.
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    It was incredible being with her that night. She was so happy and so much fun. She is such a sweetie pie. I love her beyond words. I will post some Halloween photos soon. You will love them.

    I just checked out your post. Good work on summarizing. It brings us up-to-date without much ado. I posted a short one; but I will try later to add to it.

    It seems I feel badly again. It poured rain all night and I seem to have a bit of a relapse in symtoms. Maybe it's the dampness. My side is aching and I feel sort of dizzy. I have to go out also to pick up glasses I ordered for the computer; not sure I am even going to make it now. I have been having trouble seeing it up close, since I wear bifocals, which I hate. The new glasses should help with eye-strain.
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    Hidie ho! haha...good to see you again. I am feeling much better now. I had a lot of things to attend to lately. Still basking in the happy fact that I just saw Brooke for Halloween and how cute she looked. She was a fairy princess - a short little fluffly pink dress with wings - adorable! We had a great time. I keep playing my videos over and over again.

    Did you post anything today in the L thread? Should I post more text to discuss? I could acheive that soon if you and Virgil and me were to comment once in awhile. I am sure we can pick up from where we left off, don't you?
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    I had a fun time with Brooke last night. The little devil would not go to bed until after 10. She had gone to a party in a park for Halloween and she was so tired when she got home she slept till 6. At first she was quite quiet and subdued with me and mellow and then about 8:00 she pepped up. She was so funny making a picture for Halloween with me. Later she told me "We made a project". She also loved the animal cookies I took her which had little chocolate chips in. She said those were her 'favorites'. Of course last time I babysat her I took her icecream bars and she said those were her 'favorites.' hahah...little ones are so funny and so entertaining. She is talking in whole sentences which just amazes me. She is only 2 1/2. Kids are getting smarter and smarter these days!
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