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    I also have to post some messages to the people I feel will be interested in the discussion. I forgot to do so on Friday night since I went out to dinner and last evening I went out shopping. I will have to do this today and tell everyone to give us a little time to read the story. I will read it again (3rd) time tonight before I go to sleep.
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    I know it - how did it get to be August 1st. I was thinking bye the time I post the story, it will be nighttime for you. I am still at somewhat of a loss as to what to write as an introduction. I found such scanty material online and off, but I guess I will use part of it to write up something brief. I hope I can post it ok since we are suppose to have thunderstorms here which case I will have to unplug my computer; it was hit by lightening once - very scary. Now I am super cautious. I will try my best to get the story posted. I hope you are not mad at me for taking so long. Hang in there, it's coming soon....promise...
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    Oh you noticed. I just love these new photos they sent to me...she is actually wearing dresses and she looks so feminine. She usually won't let them put her hair in pigtails and I think it looks so cute that way, don't you? The bracelets are not really her's...she has some plastic ones of her own...she was trying on Michelle's brother's girlfriend's jewelry. Usually when I go there to babysit she likes to check out mine, as well. It's funny, when she is in a dress you can see her body language is so different...she really is then the little Princess...haha
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    We have that for our common ground; we both appreciate L. What you wrote about me being hurt was so accurate. I am a pacifist in many ways.

    I find the wars fascinating as well. I don't even recall learning about them in high school (HS). I just bought a DVD - WWI in color, narrated by my favorite actor - Kenneth Branagh. It should be very revealing. I wanted to learn more about that war considering it occurred in L's time. It is way too underplays and overshadowed by WWII. A great film on WWII is the miniseries "Band of Brothers"; I have seen it now three times. I could easily watch it again. It's wonderful!

    I laughed my head off when you said 'so much for brief' - that was the largest word count I have ever encountered; haha!

    I love talking to you. I just think we gel. You can see below the surface and I like that. Don't feel obligated to answer these. They are just for your information. I couldn't help myself.
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    Your short story was superb! Wowy, you are perceptive; for me to not answer yet, but I will conform to your request, post it next week; will take a long time to write it; work offline gradually; how's that sound? There's much there to answer; sit tight.

    As far as sending the file to all involved, I doubt they would be that interested; people have short attention spans. I just happen to collect a lot of offline files, so it's great for me, great for you. Virgil would probably like a copy; others might be overloaded with the extra material. Understand what I mean?

    Amazing - you have L's exact birthday and 100 yrs later. I wonder if you could be his reincarnation or an angel sent to continue his legacy. Also, the name is another cool connection. I'm jealous; I want to have L's birthday. No wonder we have connected so well. You are Virgo and I am Pisces....exact opposites on the wheel. What do they say about 'opposites attract'? Virgo's are very intuitive and so are Pisces....
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    I checked out the article about Frisian and it appears to possess some similarities with German! And don't worry about not being able to speak it well. You already have two languages to remain in touch with (English and Dutch I suppose). I feel even knowing a little bit of a third language is awe-inspiring!

    And thanks for accepting the request.
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    Speaking of Pratchett I think maybe I should properly try him once again! Thanks for reminding me I had planned to dig deeper into some of his works for summer but had completely slipped my mind right now. Which one do you recommend first btw?

    And Dutch sounds interesting. Can't really think of having encountered a Dutch before. I guess you are either living in Netherlands or Belgium?
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    I agree with what you say about the translated work. The writing style is hardly ever that beautiful anymore as it's in the original.

    Oh and I feel the same way too. Even though many people don't realise it but 'averageness' can be real bliss!

    BTW since you mentione translated works here it makes me wonder what your first language is...
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    Thank you, Sapphire!
    As you probably would have already assumed I am madly in love with Tolkien's works. Which ones have you yourself tried?

    BTW I read your bio and kind of liked it. Simple and so modest!
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    Was working on your email. I had to put it into draft file because I need to go out to library and to the drugstore. For now the file came through fine. Yeah, clap happy to recieve it.
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