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    That is great to hear; glad you are enjoying it. We discussed it here on Litnet awhile back; you might want to check that thread out; I think it's interesting.
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    part 3

    Have a wonderful holiday as well. Going to my granddaughter's house for Christmas Eve and Day....hope the weather here permits. I can't wait to see her again. That's her above on my profile page - just a little bit leary of Santa Claus this year but she wants those cookies! hahah.....
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    part 2

    I am sure I own a lot of Danny Elfman CD's. I love to collect CD's that are soundtracks. "The Man Who Cried" is not a quirky or comical movie. It's quite serious but Christina Ricci is in it with Depp and they make a great pair; I understand they have been friends for a long time. I came across the film at my library and then later I thought "I should own this one"...the one library collection changes monthly so this was part of that one..hit or miss. There is a this great scene where Depp is riding horseback through the town...worth it just for that cool scene. He is a gypsy in this film. He is a gyspy in "Chocolat" as well...surely you have seen that film, if you like Depp. It's one of my favorites. I am sure I can recommend a lot of older films to you that you would most likely love. I can send you a list after the holidays. Do you have Netflix or does you library stock them?

    see part 3
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    I am too! I have full assess to the new ones at my public libary; seems everytime I get one out and view it, I am less than satisfied; sometimes I follow those disappointments with a film of my own. I really like novel and play adaptations and own quite few very good ones, in my opinion. I can watch those over and over again and not get one bit bored. I have watched "Hamlet" and "Shackleton" so many times now, when I tell my friends, they just laugh - they know me so well.

    see part 2
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    Hi MM. Seasons greetings, and all the best for Christmas and the New Year to you and your family .
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    part 3....my own epic message response....haha...I must admit I finally saw Sweeney Todd and I didn't much like it. It pushed the limits a bit too far for me. I don't like throat slitting and I found it distasteful but hey, we are all different in our tasted. Glad you liked it. Helena Bohome Carter is one of my favorite actresses though. Did you see her in Branagh's "Frankenstein"...not perfect, but aspects of it I do like. At one point, it goes off track a bit, but at least Ken is the sexiest Victor ever seen on film! haha I love the book "Frankenstein" - read it about 3 times so far.
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    part 2...I like Burton films but not all. I own "Edward Scissorhands" and loved it. I liked "Sleepy Hollow"...I like Christina Rici and have seen her in other films of note - one with Johnny Depp called "The Man Who Cried"...now I own that, too. "Beetlejuice" I haven't seen for years but my son and I both liked it a lot. It was unique at the time...didn't know Burton did that one. I like the first "Batman" best actually. The second was ok. I have never brough myself to see "Corpse Bride" but I love Danny Elfman...he composes, right or is it the animations? see part 3
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    All of Lean's movies are a bit different and usually epic in proportions; I just watched Dr. Zavago recently and although I love the actors, especially Omar Shariff, I did think the film a bit contrived and silly at times. Also, basically he goes off to have this affair with his mistress just when his wife is soon to give birth and he is seen as heroic here. I am not sure I like that idea now at all. When I was young I loved the movie but now I see how unreal it all is. I still love "Lawrence of Arabia"...just watched that again recently. I am more the opposite from you; I much prefer older movies. I watch the newer ones but 9 times out of 10 I feel disappointed....for various reasons.

    see part 2
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    part 3.....I noticed now my son just uses the wall instead sometimes. My little grand-daughter showed me the wall the last time I was there...she obviously wanted the projection on. What a good idea to just paint the area of MDF board. What exactly is MDF board? haha...funny thing is I thought my son would watch movies and now with a baby mostly they just project the TV on the screen. He has some LCD TV's hung too. He does this sort of work so he is very ingenious and creative
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    part 2....I saw Anthony Perkins in person in a bar in Philadelphia years and years ago. He was in a play at Playhouse in the Park. He appeared to be smaller and more slight than I imagined him. I was a big fan of his films at one time; sad he is no longer with us. He was a truly fine actor. I like Tim Burton as well; now his wife - Helena Boheme Carter, lived for a time with Kenneth Branagh after her big part in his "Frankenstein" movie. I have to admit I liked Burton's earlier stuff more so. I couldn't get into his last couple movies. I liked his Headless Horseman movie and others back in that period. I like Johnny Depp a lot; I own a few of his films. I have liked him since he starred in a cop drama in the 70's. Now he only gets better and better. His Jack Sparrow is classic! Kenneth Branagh has starred in and directed a number of Shakespeare adaptations which are very good. Have you never seen "Much Ado About Nothing"? However, favorites are "Hamlet" and "HenryV".

    see part 3....
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