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    I've spent the last few days scouring the internet for some form of knowledge sharing, people to speak with and listen from. To provide sounding boards for idea's we develope over time as we continue to absorb what is around us, to find ways to squeeze out the last drop of knowledge from each source.
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    I have barely begun to scratch the surface, learning bits of knowledge here and there as I try to devour all that I read and to comprehend it, but early on I realized one can not take the lone road forever.A life lived in solitude appeals to one sometimes. There are no noises or obstructions to keep you from work. But the solitude created has little room for real growth. So I realize that this is like love. I would think a life lived alone, enjoyed alone would lack that spark that keeps us alive and searching. Life is much more exhilirating when it is shared. So must those that look for truthes harmonize together when like minds meet, creating a place for unfettered discussion. Perhaps that will be a result of this or it may come to nothing. Things unravel as they will.
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    Self education appeals on many levels. Nothing is learned unless it is wanted. No one is going to make you finish that sentence but yourself. It is self propelled. There are no constraints placed on you by judgement of your thoughts or those of others. You are free to capture an idea and to understand it to its basic structure, instead of following the paths through the woods that so many have taken before. I would liken it to incredible wealth. You are free to pursue what ever you want, when ever you want, regardless of anything. Books are bought and sold daily for a few dollars anyone can afford, but the knowledge inside is everlasting. Idea's do not go away and can be learnt at anytime if you choose to do so.
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    People tell me I should enroll in secondary education, I feel they think I am wasting my time teaching myself. I have seen the product of these systems and would rather forget everything I have ever known or wanted to know, to give up this drive to consume knowledge, then to let myself be consumed by that. Oneday I will formally educate myself, but only when I have the strength to take from them what I need and leave what they are trying to shovel in. To see the truthes that are everywhere, even in these enlightened schools of thought-processes, and to learn from them without absorbing the chaff that surrounds all real knowledge.
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    My email address is simply my username along with the if you are ever interested, even if it just amounts to turning others on to ones gems of knowledge they discover along the way.
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    I agree with jersea. I don't always reply to them, but I really, really enjoy reading your posts!
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    I just want to thank you for always posting intellectually stimulating threads. You can always post a topic that will generate good conversation.
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    Since most people unconsciously seek opinion fortification rather than truth they become very agitated when they find news which does not fortify their opinion.
    I think I understand you not just by the way you link these words, but by the intention and implication lying behind your writing.

    Thank you.
  9. I am totally in agreement with Nik. You are breathtakingly inelligent. wow.
    Write, write, write, I want to learn more from you.pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeze.
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