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    Yes, it is a beautiful poem. I will look for some more translations into English. He is my dad's favorite poem... the sad part about translating poetry is that it loses so much meaning and feeling, but some poetry even in several languages is evocative.

    I just got back from a trip as well. Was in Rome and a bit in Florence. It was amazing and I had such a great time...so beautiful!

    I will write you a PM soon... for now I must run!
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    From the thick dark of a weary day the delicate
    young face of a moon appeared above our heads

    Now he sails the whole wide reach of his sky
    waking those who have lost themselves

    Before he tires of his shining journey
    before his waxing falls out of step

    (before he's swathed on every side
    in white and silver hair)

    Carve his sign in the soft white of limestone
    so you may absorb as faithfully as can be

    The image of your infinite pain and hope.

    -Mak Dizdar
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    I think you can still find my articles on-line. The newspaper was called THE DAILY (I will PM you with details, and my full name, so you can find me). I studied International Relations... will be going back into academia, because this working thing is not reall, eh, working out I am going to graduate school in Washington D.C. come September.

    What do you study? I see you are a student as well?

    Too bad all of your writing has been in Portugese (I know some Spanish, but not enough to read poetry in any case, and well no Portugese really, unfortunately... I think it is one of the prettiest langauges, perhaps third, right after French and Italian).

    Which German novel are you adapting, if I may know? I look forward to it!
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    Skilled dancer? I don't know about that... but I do think I have some rhyhtm

    I wouldn't really say I am a journalist, but I did write for my college newspaper and for an on-line news source (for college students). I wrote opinion pieces on international issues, especially current events and such. Of course I always had a strong opinion on things, and in a way it is related to my activism. I tried to spread the word about injustices and offer new ways of thinking about things. Also, I think I always had a bit of a Marxist flare to my articles... for better or worse, I suppose.

    Thanks for your comment on my poem. It was written for a certain someone I thought I loved, in an exteremly difficult and interesting circumstance, and a consequent dramatic end to something that might not ever really end, if that makes any sense.

    Do you have any poetry? If so, I would love to read it. Or anything that you might have written.

    I have quite the desire to visit Brazil. So who knows, maybe we can dance together someday
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    I wish I could dance the flamenco. I just really love this painting because it is sensual and passionate, and though I can't dance the flamenco, I do love to dance

    I like your avatar as well. Who's the artist, do you know?
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    I used to create advertising to make greedy capitalists richer. Then I sold my soul and became an academic."

    hahaha, that is one of the best biographies I have seen on litnet so far
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    What about you?
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    em casa, quieto, como de costume. escrevendo. Oops, I think I should be saying this in English So, I'll be at home, as usual, writing!~ (I hope, I mean, I hope I manage to read a little, and write a lot.)
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    I am soo sorry for the late late reply, I just have been busy with pre uni stuff and going on holiday. I hope you are having a brilliant holiday in Brazil, here its been madly hot. I mean its the first time we get to sweat even if we are just sitting down at our living rooms. Crazy.

    Ah, Brazil is such a colourful country and its culture and tradition is so amazing. Yep Im Korean, thanks for admiring Korea.. but its a sad thing I never been there before haha

    Hmm actually I dont think there is any certainty that outlines that Misa is or not that girl in the last page. You probably might be right!

    Oh wow A funeral for K seems more spooky, is it woven by some horror? I find horror manga EXTREMELY scary, I read one when I was younger and the pictures were so haunting that I couldnt sleep properly for a week. What about you, have you been across horror mangas?
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    Oh wow, thanks for modern science everything is ok!

    I'll on the look out for your profile album! I better upload some of my sketches hehe

    I love FFVIII, FFX-1 and FFX-2!! I am a major fan of these three! I remember I used to have them as wallpaper on my compt desktop.. Did you watch FFXIII Advent Children? I thought the graphics were spectacular, one of the best CG movies ever. I admire gaming designers, the field is so full of flair, creativity and perfection. Love everything about it.

    Isnt Toryama the master of manga? I cant believe hollywood is making a movie out of his masterpiece, I saw the trailer and its so not worth it!

    Yes I agree Deathnote is wonderful! The anime was good as expected, dont you think?
    Ah, I bet you will have good fun learning Japanese, I think its one of the easiest languages to get a grip of, and one of the most popular for beginners to learn. If you master Hiragana and Katakana, its all sweet. May I ask what nationality you are from?

    Whats "a funeral for K" about?? all about other than the title?

    Ah, the girl in the last page.. yes I wondered if it was Misa, but beside loving Raito obsessively, I doubt she would be the leader of a cult dedicating to Kira, since she was one.. I bet its just an ordinary girl that didnt even know who Raito really was. What is your reason to think that the girl was Misa?
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I used to create advertising to make greedy capitalists richer. Then I sold my soul and became an academic.
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