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    Would you like to vote in our Short Story Competition final?

  2. Part 2.

    Another problem is that in Britain "organic" means franchised by by The Soil Association, they own the rights to the word, and to be able to use it you have to pay an annual fee to them which is another economic burden.

    Finally I have a slight moral problem with adopting a system that leads to less food being produced in a hungry world.

    That is/was my own situation, but I know a few farmers who have converted and make it work - because they are enthusiasts. The bottom line is they need a premium price for their produce. They sell to niche markets like resturants, heath food outlets and direct to consumers - more work - but they have to get 70% to 100% above wholesale to make it viable, because costs are high and production is low.

    I would be interested in your opinion too
  3. Part 1

    Well, it's a very open question, but here goes

    As a consumer I'm not convinced organic produce is any better or healthier.

    As a citizen of the world, sustainability is a concept we can't ignore. But we do need to feed the world as well.

    As a grazier, I did once research it fairly closely - as a buisness proposition. I already had an extensive system and conversion would not have been too painful or costly. Put simply I couldn't get the sums to add up. Production would have been down by at least a third, and the market for organic store lambs (that is, lambs sold on to lowland organic farms for fattening) was non existent, as by definition most organic farms are self sustaining and balanced and only have resources to fatten their own lambs.

    I also had a concern about animal welfare - antibiotics, wormers and vaccines are there to keep stock healthy and the most effective modern drugs should be used as and when needed. Continued below
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    Out of everyone on the forum, I'm especially interested in what you think about organic farming since you "farm" sheep (I know that it's not called "farming," but I don't know the proper word for it ). If you'd like, I'd be really interested to read your point of view on the subject.
  5. Love your avatar! And your grandkids are precious!
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    Thank you for comment on my blog. I am able writing piece like but just wait right time or mood should said.
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    If a red house is made of red bricks, and a blue house is made of blue bricks,
    what is a greenhouse made of?
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    OMG! I sounded Australian? I was trying to sound English! I must have them mixed up somehow!
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    Good morning from tropical Philippines!
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    G'day mate! Many thanks for the birthday greetings! I hope all is well with you. :3 Cheerio!
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Running- off the tractor

by prendrelemick on 08-08-2014 at 01:03 PM
Running off the tractor.

Dad's tractor, a 1958 Massey Ferguson 65, was a monument to his optimism. He kept it
parked up the "Strips", a steep track above the farm. This was because it had no
working starter motor, or battery, or in fact any electrical systems at all.
It had to be "run off", and then kept running until the day's work was done.
"Whatever you do, Don't stall the tractor!" was the mantra

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by prendrelemick on 10-15-2013 at 03:50 AM
The new pup, Gwen, has arrived. The house is a tip and has a slightly unpleasent fragrance, we are tired due to the howling in the night. However, I think it is important that she lives in the house for a week or two so she knows she belongs.

I can just about get the sheep jobs done with Meg but she'll only ever be a stop gap and then a yard dog - I just can't trust her - she sets off to round up some sheep and I can't be sure she'll come back -or stop when she needs to. She won't

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More Meg

by prendrelemick on 09-02-2013 at 08:10 AM
Things have settled down with Meg, Mainly because I have resigned myself to the long haul, abandoning all her previous training and starting afresh - as though she is new to sheep doggery. We're getting along fine and we are completing tasks together. I am working on the principle that REAL work is the best training, so I take her out on her own and we round some sheep up, it often goes a bit wrong, and usually takes longer than it should, but I don't bring Nelly along so we HAVE to manage, and

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Meg again.

by prendrelemick on 07-12-2013 at 04:22 PM
Meg's training is now on phase three. Phase one was fairly disasterous, where I tried her with sheep straight away and she kept running off in ever increasing circles. Phase two was to take off all the pressure and have nothing to do with sheep for a bit, so that the "come to me" command now means come here and have a cuddle, and "lie down" means roll over and have your tummy scratched. This has worked as far as it goes, she has become alot more relaxed.


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Meg -Disaster and back again.

by prendrelemick on 06-30-2013 at 06:01 AM
My son has been in California for a week or two (working) so his body clock is all to pot. Yesterday he got up at 2 am and took the dogs for a walk (he didn't know about Meg's behavior). Anyway, she ran off at the first sight of sheep and would not return to him, and eventually disappeared. This is fairly serious in sheep country, when it comes to loose dogs, farmers tend to shoot first and ask questions later .

When I got up I noticed there were alot of sheep in front of the

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