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    Ghost Story One Who's that walking in the moonlight Gliding down the dusty staircase Her eyes like coals of fire Raven hair blending with the...
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    Hello and welcome to LitNet!
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    yo! hello, angel. i think i'll just call you that here it saves typing time. get this straight though... you are no angel, dear! :P
    anywhos, how are you? seriously haven't see in such a long time. you must come over! do you think friday you could? it'll be Star's going to be there and my other sister.
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    *huggerz* How you doin'? I heard about your dad. My sympathies, friend. Hope you're doing okay. ~ Bulletproof
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    Where are you going to be?????????????????????? and did you take my instuctions on how to desighn your profile?????????????????????????????? And thankyou for dropping by.

    Oh!!! You made friends with amalia!!! Great! isn't she soooooooooooooooooooooooooonice! that's great your making friend! that's raelly great!Great job!

    Now you don't have to read the story now but...................You do have to read it.
    I wrote out of boredness. I'm sure you've done plenty of things like that.

    Cid's hasty feet kicked up the dirt under him as he ran to the captain's tent.
    The captain placed the tin cup on the wooden table. After two hours of listening to Mr. Bohell speak of the people and their scarcity of food gave the captain a throbbing headache. He loved the man as a father, for when his father and mother died Bohell took him and his sister in. But at this moment the captain just wanted to tell Bohell to "shut his yap." But with all due respect he kept the thought to himself.
    "With all due respect Mr. Bohell," said the Elder Mr. Brooks. "But talking about the people needing food is not going to help, what we need to be talking about is how we're to gather the food."
    "No, no, talking about the people is going help us find a way to give them food." Mr. Bohell exclaimed.
    "No, no, it's only going to waste our time!" Mr. Brooks exclaimed narrowing his gaze at Bohell.
    "Please gentlemen!" said the captain, "We have gathered here to resolve the problems of Corne'll, not to create new ones." With his right middle finger and his index finger the captain began to rub his right eyebrow. "Mr. Bohell, and Mr. Brooks will you both please get along for once?"
    "I guess I can try for this once." Mr. Bohell declared.
    Brooks, on the other hand, grunted and mumbled something to the man next to him who began nodding, the captain leaned a little closer to the table on which they sat at and tried to catch the words but failed when one of the dwarves began to speak.
    "We Dwarves agree on giving the people an equal the food each morning, afternoon, and evening."The dwarf said.
    "Thank you, Yasack," the captain said. "Now as I was saying, the food in Corne'll is scarce and the farms were not capable of harvesting this year. The people our outside of my tent acting pugnacious, and instead of trying to help Corne'll and make it a place of refuge, they stand outside of my tent and curse me and the Elders," the captain began to pick at the arm of his chair with his middle finger. "We must form a court to were the people can lay there complaints and issues. We shall choose three being tomorrow afternoon. "The captain looked at Brooks who sighed and rolled his eyes slowly. "Dismiss," the captain said.
    After the captain thanked everybody for coming he stepped out the back of his tent to get fresh air. He took a deep breath, and did not release.
    "Did Bohell get on your nerve again?" A deep, soft voice asked. The captain turned around and saw his sister, Vincat, leaning on his tent.
    "O, you're back early," the captain said."When did you get back?"
    "Last night," she said, "most the men were wounded." Her voice was low and hallow.
    The captain glared at his sisters beautiful orange eyes and black hair. "How many men died?"
    "Seventy-six; the enemy is growing stronger by the days," she said. "We need the elves to join if we plan to defeat Morzag." She sighed as she gazed up at the moon. "Most the men had family, if I had feelings I would feel sorry for them."She looked back at her brother. "Ha! That would be the day when all man kind shall perish, wouldn't it? You don't agree? Why is that?"
    The captain chose his words carefully, "Vincat," he said, "It is possible that your curse can be broken. We just have to find out how that is to happen. Now when we went to the witch she said, 'Cut the vain of your left arm,' now as we know," The captain laughed, "that did not work."
    Vincat rolled her eyes and turned away from her brother. "I've been cursed for four years and everything we try fails us. So, what's the point of trying?" She turned her head toward the captain but made no contact with his eyes. "Everywhere I walk people look at me like I'm a monster." She sighed again.
    "I don't," the captain said, "I will never look at you that way."
    Vincat huffed, "You're different."
    "What! How am I different than every one else?"
    Vincat turned around, but gazed turned towards Cid, the messenger, as he bowed to Vincat and the captain. "Captain Kadaj and lady Vincat," Cid stopped in-between words as he spoke," Morzag, has men marching here, they should make it here by morning."
    Vincat sighed and said, "Don't they ever take a break?" She looked down at Cid. "Tell the men to prepare for battle. And hurry!" Cid ran without a word. Vincat looked at her brother Kadaj and make a fake smile and said, "Yeah for us, we get to fight Morzag for the millionth time." She walked away towards her tent slamming her fist into a pole, leaving a small dent.

    Don't you hate when your computer is acting sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooow! Die You Computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    If you want to desighn Your profile Press User CP as seen above and look at the left and you'll see Custimize Profile, After seeing this click it and you can probaly figure it out from there, and if not You can message me back and ask any question you want.

    I hope you do Know that I am Shurtagals sister! I don't want to be forgoten!

    Hows your dad doing? I hope he's doing alot better.

    And what happened to that story you were writing, I hope your still at it or your done with it.

    And hurry up and message me!
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    Hey I haven't seen you in awhile. Not saying that I miss you or anything, I mean, come on, Why would I miss you compared to all the arguments me and you usto get into, I don't think there was one day that me and you didn't get into an argument. I bet most of them were over Brea. we never got along very well when she was over. It wasn't her fault acourse, it was yourlol. (Evil laugh!) J.k.a

    You need to come on litnet more often! Oh!Oh! and you should talk to amalia 1985, booletproofdork and andave_ya! they are all so cool!
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    whoa... the munchican was on...
    This is a historic date! mark it on you calenders!
    First off, do you know how to start an album? if not *sigh*... well, just tell me if you know how to start one.
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    dude, you need to update your profile!
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