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    Nope, I live in Canada.
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    a-ah-as---assho-------asholey----- *******! yay!
    nope. I'm going to a woodworkers doomaflitchy in denver tomorrow.
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    I can say dead leg. One syllable per word. Dead-leg. pretty simple, really.
    Good! now I don't have to call you and tell you every day!
    Did you cross it out?
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    <- thats me laughing at your dumb ***.
    i won't tell you you're special. I'll tell you you're an *******. is that better? I don't think your mom tells you that on a regular basis.
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    Thanks I'm old now hahaha.

    That's awesome. I've never ridden a reining horse (barrel horses, but no reining horses). You can't help but love the ones that are so responsive. When it feels like they're reading your mind? Ah I miss ponies! And yes, I love the paints too. I always have! B.B. sounds like a typical mare haha. Most mares tend to be like that. I can't handle that attitude- that's why I've always gotten along better with geldings (except my new mare, but she's too sweet to be moody).

    Yes, I'm glad you posted them! Only Becca and I (and now Steph) post photos of our horses, it's nice to see some new faces! I certainly did smile. And because you seem to like them, I'll let you know that there will be new photos up of myself with Tobasco, Shadow, and Moonstone soon
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    Wow, great pictures Kevin. I really enjoyed them. You live in a great part of the country. Only thing, I hate the winter and if it starts in October, I'll have to pass.
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    'The Collector'. Who wrote it again? lost the thread.

    Yes, I like the dark side. Which is why I hate the shiny happy vampire trend of late. 'True Blood' is not too bad though, though this 'Twilight' and 'Vampire Diaries' stuff makes me cough up cockroaches.

    Thanks muchly about the poems! I will do. I have written more poems, and I'll put more up in a few days. Feel free to shout at me and scour them with red ink if you don't think they have anything, have too much, or if stuff is in the wrong place.
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    Can I just call it good telling you you're special? I know that's your moms job, but if it makes you feel better I can do it too. Biting your tits might be a little bit weird but I have no problem kicking you in the balls.
    I'll pretend that I did not have to think about the last part too hard and say OK.
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    Well *dusts hands* that was quite fun
    I think I posted on just about every picture.
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    Man you boys talk more crap than I do!

    P.S. Subtle hint: POST OFFICE BOX! NOW!
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1984 without question
Gun nut, hunter, fisherman, rancher, horseman, literature buff, and poet of sorts. What else do you need to know?
The backcountry of Colorado
the abstract, horses, music, my work. Lots of stuff that will go on for way too long.
Currently, a glorified snow plow operator... huzzah!


Everyone knows what's in room 101.

Everything becomes irrelevant, when the sky tears open.

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Drunken rambling

by kevinthediltz on 12-15-2011 at 11:55 PM
"I want to know everything.
I want to be everywhere.
I want to **** everyone in the world.
I want to do something that matters."

-Lyric from "I do not want This" By Nine Inch Nails

Have I ever done something that mattered? Have I ever made a hint of difference in anyone's life? Honestly? I ask this to myself daily.

Maybe two weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me, legitimately I might add, if I had a flaw. An odd

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Hello again

by kevinthediltz on 10-19-2011 at 11:26 PM
Hello again, all.
Kevinthediltz here. An old user.
I have not been on in a long time. And I mean long time. Due to lots of mixed emotions about a lot of things. And also due to a large lack of writing in the past year. I miss you all! And I really want to use this place like I used to. I want to continue to write like I used to. I suppose we will see how that goes. I hope at least a few of you remember me. And to those of you who I haven't met, hello! I am Kevinthediltz. It is nice

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by kevinthediltz on 11-18-2009 at 09:48 PM
The mountain opened today.
And god was it fantastic. I had forgotten how much I love to ski. I went up early thinking "I'll just get one or two runs in" I had on my new powder skis because I wanted to try them out even though there was no powder. But I got there early enough that I could put some fresh tracks through the trees. AND I saw my the first kid of the year to get clipped by a crazy. Snowboarder was being cocky and just caught this kid in ski school. Didn't even stop to

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I keep death prisoner

by kevinthediltz on 11-15-2009 at 05:27 AM
Death waits for me at the door.
Like looking into a mirror.
Skin dripping off bones.
I keep it locked away.

Boots click on the concrete floor
It paces back and forth in its cell
Beating the walls
Feeding on the dark

Its plea is tempting
Spoken through a crack
"I'm waiting for you
Let me free you from this"

It pants and houls and waits for a fall
Licks the air for blood

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Updated 11-15-2009 at 05:29 AM by kevinthediltz


Holy crap its been a while.

by kevinthediltz on 10-22-2009 at 09:18 PM
For those of you that don't remember me, I'm kevin. I've been busy and just doing alot of other stuff. I even have that banner at the top of this page that says "Hey kevinthediltz, you haven't posted in a long time. Why not.... blah blah blah. Oh well. Anyway. An update. I'm still at the ranch right now. But soon I'll be moving at bit further up. About 2000 more vertical feet. To winter park. Working an atv plow for the ski resort. I'm pretty excited. Work

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