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    Hey Pete!!
    Glad to 'see' ya!
    Yeah, life's been somewhat good. If not doggone interesting.
    Got to check out yer blog, see ya got something goin' on there.
    I can't remember how to upload photos anymore, that's how long I've been away, lol.
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    hi Peter I am not sure about blogging. it feels that if one blogs one has to keep it up and I am not good with keeping things up.
    do you blog?
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    im not sure if you're getting any of my messages!
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    Would you like to vote in our Short Story Competition final?
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    It has been received.
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    I'd very much like to read it. Email it is.
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    Alright. You will inform me of when that is, right?
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    Oh. I don't think I've read it.
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    No, I don't think I have. Is this a recent story you've put up?
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In one of the branches of the multiverse, but I don't know which one.
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Fun Uses for False Premises

by PeterL on 09-19-2017 at 03:12 PM
I started writing about false premises as a logical fallacy, when I realized that false premises have frequently been used as the basis for an ideology. By selecting a suitable premise one can "prove" pretty much anything. Founders of political, religious, and social movements have usually used false premises as the bases for their movements. The premises are often stated outright as the principles of the organization, but they are sometimes unstated or misstated.


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Updated 09-20-2017 at 05:29 PM by PeterL


Fine Art of False Premises

by PeterL on 09-12-2017 at 07:39 PM
Using false premises allows one to create a seemingly logical argument that is false. An easy way to build on false premises is to base one’s argument on opinions, rather than facts. For example, sometime last week I saw several things to the effect that ACC had caused hurricane Harvey. The first time I heard that, I just laughed, but with several repeats I started to be concerned. Apparently, some people have forgotten that hurricanes existed even back in the Little Ice Age; they start without

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Updated 09-13-2017 at 07:53 PM by PeterL


Ignoring History

by PeterL on 09-03-2017 at 04:36 PM
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. (George Santayana)
Those who do remember the past are condemned to watch in horror as those who forgot the history repeat it.

Recently the knowledge of history seems to have diminished. I probably have been wasting my time, but I recently posted a blog post about Afghanistan, because there is so much history that suggests that invading Afghanistan is a bad idea. Similarly, it has been known for a fairly long time

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Updated 09-12-2017 at 02:28 PM by PeterL



by PeterL on 08-22-2017 at 07:19 PM
I noticed that the moron (my apologies to other people of low intelligence) in the Oval Office has decided to send more troops into Afghanistan, and I started thinking about the string of adventures in Afghanistan, a string of failures that goes back to when the Hindus went through there on their way to India. The current string of foolishness goes back to when the king (Mohammed Zahir Shah) was overthrown in 1973. I won’t try to explain what happened after that, but in 1978 the USSR invaded in

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Truly Free

by PeterL on 08-14-2017 at 05:44 PM
"I wholly disapprove of what you say and will defend to the death your right to say it"

Today I have seen a few things suggesting that NAZI's should be muzzled. Voltaire gave my response to that. When we start banning totalitarianists, we agree with them, because they want everything banned except what they like.

In an ideal world everyone would agree with me, not because I would have forced them, but because they would have seen

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Updated 08-14-2017 at 05:48 PM by PeterL