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    Yes, true. The thing about online though, is I'll have to keep reminding myself to stay on it. I always have class to remind me of that, but online, it's basically your schedule.
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    Oh dear...that's not good. I may end up having to take that class online....what fun that will be!

    Those dratted online classes! Although I admit that since this semester started, I'm getting a little better with online things.
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    Doesn't sound I hope it's something new...
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    Yes, very much.

    Pre-Calc had a lot to do with geometry. Sines, cosines, tangents, etc. But I do hope it is different. I'm tired of feeling like I'm repeating classes over and over.
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    That;s why I have my laptop with me. I usually do my homework then and there(since it's online) and then fool around on the computer. I know exactly how to do the things the teacher's talking about, so I don't really pay attention. I have to say I feel lazy about it...
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    Well, It's required. I took geometry in high school and passed with a decent grade, but they require me to take Plane Trig. My last required math class is Calculus, which I'm hoping it's about the same as Pre-Calc, since I have a lot of experience in that field.
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    Well, It's required. I took geometry in high school and passed with a decent grade, but they require me to take Plane Trig. My last required math class is Calculus, which I'm hoping it's about the same as Pre-Calc, since I have a lot of experience in that field.
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    Actually, I'm taking four classes this semester also. I would love to take it, but maybe later.

    I'm taking the last Biology class that's required, my last English class required, Plane Trigonometry, and Psychology, which is surprisingly interesting.
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    Now that is something I can agree with.
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    Ehh. Laziness can also be the death of you. It's how far you end up taking it.
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Itís too early to predict a winner in the 2020 presidential election with much confidence, but a few things have happened recently that provide some reasonable ideas. Yesterday, the Dems had another debate, and the alleged pundits think that Elizabeth Warren came off the winner, and Biden was in second. I get the impression that Sanders is seen as falling, and the munchkins remained munchkins. That situation probably will remain for some time, and it will turn into a two person race, except that

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A few hours ago, I had a brilliant thought. I decided that I should investigate it, before I try to capitalize on it. Alas, I learned that others have had very similar ideas, so I canít make all of the money from it. But I realized that there is a good reason that can explain why we havenít encountered any intelligent alien life, yet. The reason is: mitochondria, a sort of bacteria that provide energy to the eukaryote cells. Mitochondria are symbiotic cells that have their own DNA. It is thought

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I frequently wonder about those silly Earthlings. Most of them Have serious problems with science, math, mathematics, and logic. How did they manage to develop anything even vaguely like civilization? But I haven't been able to figure out why they have such problems. But I haven't been able to figure out why. Is it herd mentality (which would be an inborn tendency) that makes them believe without question anyone who is said to be an authority, or what, but most humans seem to have a need to agree

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Carbon Dioxide Red Herring

by PeterL on 09-27-2019 at 09:11 AM
I find it annoying to read or hear assertions that human activity is causing climate change especially when the people making the assertions never even heard of the Milkovitch cycles and donít even know what makes some gases "greenhouse gases" while other gases do not create the greenhouse effect. Many articles on the subject give the impression the the author does not understand what he is writing.

One item that is less prevalent now than it was a few years ago is the

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Fighting Propaganda

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Has everything become politicized? It appears that there is no scientific information regarding climate change. Everything is either alarmist or denying everything. I realized years ago that the alarmists were alarmists and propagandists, and I found some information about the matter that was based in science, rather than in ideology, but today I looked for scientific information and found only one journal article about solar cycles, and I only found that because the authors are being attacked by

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