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    Your inbox is full, silly. I can't reply until you delete old things
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    Would you consider voting in the "Don't know much about history" poetry contest? Many thanks!

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    Hi islandclimber, would you consider voting?

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    Hey man, I enjoyed the back-and-forth. Sorry about the cheap shots -I was just goofing. Also I'd be lying if I said I didn't learn anything from your posts.

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    The dawn had not yet come and we waited
    In the mud and the cold, our bodies
    Withering and shrinking from the icy cold
    That shouted at us from the impenetrable sky
    And then the man we waited for arrived and gave us
    That for which we, who did not believe, had prayed
    We had been prepared to die, to castrate, if we had to, the enemy,
    To hear their screams claw and tear at us, yes,
    We were prepared even for that.
    We had grown as cold as the night, as the man,
    As Krasznahorkai.
    As the man, without emotion, handed round the smuggled goods,
    We waited in the stoic unhelpful hay, and when at last we had them,
    The thin mints, with their deep chocolate souls, we ate them,
    Greedily, hungrily, stuffing their aura of civilization into our maws
    As though with them inside us we could perhaps live forever.

    February 2013
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    So, then you threw down the gauntlet with Krasznahorkai-I had to look him up too, although I've read a review of "The Turin Horse" and very much want to see it, and I found this


    and then I wrote the poem in the above post (although I must say that Krasznahorkai sounds like someone about to hock a loogie, sorry)

    I lof it! I printed a copy of it and I am reading it over and over, like it's the work of some genius child, which of course it is not, and you, clearly are about 25 IQ points ahead of me!

    Anywho, I wrote another one first, which was inspired by "The Turin Horse;" I pm'd it to you, 'cause I love it so much I don't wish to publish it here (sorry lit-net). And now to bed. My brain feels awesome-and I didn't even eat a thin mint today.
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    lol, islandclimber, can I just say that was brilliant? I don't even know where to begin with my outrageous praise. The first line? The "Brazen simulacra of cacao and mint leaves"? The "disharmony of false scales"? The "wild phonemes...and irresistible memes"? Or the last four lines (I had to look up what a Graeco-Latin square was (showoff)):

    one’s own personal apocalypse in the bottom of
    a thin mint cookie box, Krasznahorkai might just devour
    this labyrinthine variation on the Graeco-Latin square,
    tessellate desperate tastes across the tongue…

    Or, really, just the whole thing? You, sir, get an A+++++++++++++-or you would if this was for a grade, which thankfully, it is not. Just, wowsers, islandclimber, wowsers!
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