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    hello! im new in this forum...
    can you teach me how to have a profile like this?
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    Rock, you should begin dressing up your page! I'm expecting weird colors and photos here
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    Oh Rocket, of course you're my friend.
  4. View Conversation know you joined LitNet on my birthday!!! Of course there is no way for you to know this, but still it is awesome that it happened!
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    Good to see you around again!! good point about the hair dye! I hope you're okay *hugs*
  6. It's all right. Life has its own ups and downs, I know. So cheer up! There's still a next time, though we shouldn't get duped into believing it's always going to be there, because well, truth is it's not. Sadly, everything has its own limitations. But I'm not saying this to make your spirits plummet. The way I perceive you, I bet you're one kid meant for great things, and you're the living proof that one does not have to be in a science high school to achieve the very best. *ahem* Why, you're even luckier than I am! Second year in my school is like hanging on to a weak branch while dangling over a hundred-foot high cliff. It's a struggle for survival. So many people are beginning to lose it. Former director's listers failing. People getting one's in their math subjects and failing the easier ones (even CAD!). *sigh* Bet I'm still lucky to have (more or less) been able to hold on...
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    I'm happy I did,( I was wonderin' if I should tell you, but I made up my mind for I think I did not do good this sem.)..though not as higher as last sem...I'm at the near bottom of our college dean's lister.. I'm shocked actually for the tally was very short. Only 15 students made it to the list!
  8. Hey there eye. I'm great, though still as busy as ever. I'm actually supposed to be in one of our school activities right now; it's a great thing I'm not very much "involved" as I will be in the next activity, which will be held later on. I'm left here to savor this short moment of being on litnet, and the last day of irregular classes for us (seeing as it is Humanities Week in our school right now). How about you? I bet you've made it to the dean's list this quarter. If so, congratulations! Congratulations still, if otherwise. Say, what have you been up to lately? Been a busybody these past few months, or will be one? Oh, and by the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS (now that it's a "-ber" month)!
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    Rock I'm happy your online! So howdy do?
  10. Finally, one midnight spent on scrupulous litnetting and thorough inspection of the forums, including my profile, which must be injected with more nutrients in the form of exciting things in order to become healthy, and that includes comments from me. Yes, me! Pardon me if I sound a little messed-up--you see, it's rather late (exactly 1:00 AM, if I should say it) and I still haven't recovered from the (tough-) emotion overload that has left me devastated since Thursday night. Nevertheless, I will try myself to greet you, and thank you guys for visiting my page. First one up is Virgil, the first to comment. Aww, you bet I loved your message. By the way, thanks a lot. Now here's the living proof that reality differs much from the perceived. Ay, that's me. Still a rockstar kid, though, and sure, green isn't such a bad color and in fact I'm open to the most radical ideas including that of dying it in reptilian hues (though as I said to sprinks in her profile, I think I'd like red better) Sprinks! Gotcha! Whoa, at least your school implements the better rules. (Probably because the dye would react with the chemicals in the numerous labs where we hold our classes? Weird.) Indeed, that's exactly what I plan to do too. Call it a deal then! hi tO yOu ToO, motherhubbard. And kizzo! Missed ya a lot. Thanks for the lovely comment. Ei, toni! Sta na? Indeed, I've been very busy with school too, and sadly, I haven't had much time to roam the forums, seeing as we've been loaded with requirements and now's the time to pull up undesirable grades. Andya! Indeed, I love the new litnet. It's been getting better every single day! Last but not the least... Eyemaker! Sorry for the late reply; I've always wanted to do so, unfortunately the cursed clock wouldn't allow it, seeing as a day is only 24 hours long. So far I'm fine, except for the slight emotional trauma that has been inflicted on me lately... but don't worry, I'll get over this for sure! Be fine in a jiffy. Glad you're all right too. So, guys, see you next time! You ROCK!
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About RoCKiTcZa
Favorite Author:
emily neville, valerie tripp, roald dahl, mary downing hahn, etc. Favorite scientist: Humphry Davy.
Favorite Book:
the doomsday conspiracy, switch *****, da vinci code, american girls collection, stepping on the cracks, it's like this cat, classics and stuff...
Brown hair, brown eyes. A heart flaming red with passion. A soul shrouded in dark mystery. Beware if you uncover me, as colorful rays of light will immediately shoot out from my previously jampacked spirit.
I dwell... in a place that is perpetually inhabited by beings of my kind, Rockistas, we call us... and so we continue to live in that place, in a world that is eternally moving, swept by the torrents of musical wind.
rock the whole world with writing, and read till it all falls down on me; sing at the top of my lungs, twang the strings of my guitar... that's how the vintage rockstar does it.;)
Vintage Rockstar


Wish hard enough, I could turn it to what I like.

Fall Out Boy, "Tiffany Blews."


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A Blessing in Disaster

by RoCKiTcZa on 09-30-2008 at 07:34 AM
After over a month of not updating this blog, what now?

We were supposed to have our Periodic Test today, but it got called off because our school burned. Well, not all of it, thank God. But the Registrar's office and faculty center in the second floor were completely devastated.

That gives me seven days to fill my brain with the things I wasn't able to understand in the span of two months (an entire quarter as it is here); which is good since we will not be having

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by RoCKiTcZa on 08-17-2008 at 11:07 AM
Last night I watched the movie featuring the life story of Mahatma Gandhi. It was long, but it was worth all the time. There was an intermission in between that was rather long and lasted around 10 minutes, if my count was right, wherein only Ravi Shankar's music was played against a blackened screen. As much as I did not like it as much as I liked the rest of the movie (though I did love the great Indian composer's music--it was the existence of the "intermission" itself that I detested),

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Dormant Volcanoes DO Erupt. (Ep. 1)

by RoCKiTcZa on 08-16-2008 at 01:13 PM
Finally, after over a month and so much trouble...

...we now have a permanent Internet connection! Woohoo!

The days of rushing to an Internet cafe are over, no more running home with empty pockets due to doing requirements from six PM 'til two o' clock in the morning! No need to squeeze several tasks into 1 hour of net surfing! At last! I have gained my freedom, and right now I am the happiest I have ever felt in years (well, not exactly the happiest, on

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Shortcut to Glory? Click Here. ;)

by RoCKiTcZa on 08-11-2008 at 07:00 AM
Man, it's been a long time since I last posted something to this blog, and I wonder if you guys still remember me? I bet you don't anymore! (To myself: Now, now! If you don't stop this, they're surely going to think you're going through some sort of existential crisis!) Tsk, tsk.

By the way, sorry for that. You see, that was my conscience at work again. It bothers me every time I think of something emo, as its current job is to make sure I am functioning to my utmost

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Discrimination (from my Forums post)

by RoCKiTcZa on 06-28-2008 at 05:24 AM
Discrimination. Many of us despise this word. I, too, possess an extreme loathing for it, and will not go into in-depth descriptions of it seeing as all of us know about itóand hate it. And indeed, why mustnít we? No one wants to be belittled, nor cursed at because his looks are not desirable to others, because she is a woman, because he is not the richest man in the universe, because his religion is not the most powerful religion in the world, and so many other because-s. To some people, this gets

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