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    Poor Haven, I think I can guess what you problem might be - small ravenous animals; namely chipmunks, squirrels, even moles or gophers, groundhogs. Do you ever see any of these? I have had occasion to plant bulbs and then have the squirrels promply dig them up and carry them away. Another thing to keep in-mind about both daffodils and iris, is that they usually like full sunlight and you don't need to water them; let the natural rain do that, unless you live in a totally arid area. In New Jersey, USA we get enough spring rain it is not issue. You will hate me now and no doubt you mother, as well - I just looked out our side door window to behold about 5 bunches of tiny daffodils blooming today; such a sunny showing. Of course, the dead leaves are still in the garden, so the display is not as pretty; I will probably pick some of these minatures for a little glass basket vase I own. I will try to take a few photos, non-the-less, to show to you; first as they are growing and then in the vase.

    Now snowdrops I have only had nominal success with. I think perhaps I have a small flowerpot with some. My neighbor has crocus - pretty lavender/purple ones; they have been out for weeks. I love tulips and we do get a few of those, but not many. That is due to my own neglect in not planting the bulbs. Seems like each Easter someone brings us a tulip potted plant. I would die to have bluebells. It is hard to find a garden flower that is true blue in coloring. It is odd about your iris'. Perhaps you planted those too deep. We even have older ones in which the actual bulb is showing in the ground. They are shallow planted bulbs, so if you planted those too deep, they may have gotten waterlogged. Also, it might be good for you to start all these bulbs in a big flower pot first and then when they have many roots to put them into the ground. I found this was true for me in planting lilies and other plants (non-bulb type) as well. They had to have roots or the animals quickly dug them up. I guess roots makes it harder, so they don't bother with them; that is unless you have a critter killing them from beneath the ground. We have lots of bearded iris and some are as old as my great-grandmother's time. The bulbs came from her. I guess those are really hardy specimens. I love best the one my aunt gave up - pure white. It is stunning and larger than the rest; she's won awards at local shows for single bloom of those. I also love our miniature lavender/purple iris. Check out my album; I think I have a photo in there, if not I will upload 'spring flowers' this week.
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    I was browsing through my clipart file and think I found just the thing...sort of an Art Nouveau floral pattern; think it will tile well. Yes, I have lots of daffodils in my garden; do you? That is one flower one can hardly kill. The second I am thinking of is iris. I seem to still get a good amount of those blooming even though I fail to water and weed. My favorite spring flowers though at lilac and lily of the valley.
    I love the name of the Turks and Caicos Islands. I have only been to the Caribbean once to Paradise Island in the Bahamas. I liked it very much although we picked a very hot time of year to go there; the humidity was pretty brutal. All in all it was gorgeous there though. Cute that you sort of adopted the pooch. He does look friendly in the photo.
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    Haven, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I figured I would catch up on all my messaging tonight; lets's see how I make out. How funny, I thinking your page was changed; maybe something was different, it threw me off. I find the formating a task myself. I have a channel (profile) page in Youtube; last night I got the brainstorm to change it. It was also green; since St. P's day's past, I wanted to get a fresh look. I went with blue finally. I tried it and it came out dreadful, so I summoned up my friend on IM to help me; she's an art director and joined her recently; she is 'Haunted'. Anyway, putting two heads together was better than my feeble attempt alone. She knows the formating codes better than I do; she saved my life.

    I think finally I stopped celebrating my birthday, although I did just order something I have wanted from Amazon and it was bought with some of B-day money; can you believe it, the remainder was from Christmas 2 yrs back? I tend to save these things forever; I can be very indecisive sometimes. Anyway, thanks for the compliments on my Celtic page. I do like it and now, as usual I hate to change it again. I will wait a bit, but I think something more 'Eastery' or 'springlike' might be in order soon, don't you?

    Where is Turks and Caicos Island? Sounds so exotic. I love the photo of the doggie. He looks real friendly. Cute he came to visit you. He has sweet eyes.
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    Yes that's me.........'not one of my better pics..
    but had fun with it...
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    Haven, you can never be too late! I celebrate my b-day for weeks. Why not? I see people still posted in my b-day thread even today. I spec I might get more well-wishes. At my age I will take all I can get. Thanks for yours!

    This page looks new - is it? I love the grays and pinks and blacks together. Cute doggie or it is really a 'shark' above - love those seashells, too. I am ocean person, too!
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    thanks, haven!
    Nice to 'meet' you, by the way. I think we have never 'spoken' before.
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    Big Thanks for the tunes...
    Been humming the Collie Budz one for a couple of days now...LOL
  8. send a song thread?oks will look .... where tho ?
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    Check out the Send a song thread....
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