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    That would be great Ms. Vampire. Would love to see you photos too. Sorry you are sick; does happen in the winter, especially being is school and more apt to catch a germ from some other student. Hope you do well with your math test and congrats on your top marks on your last big test.

    Yes, I would have to agree with you about school - 7 is a horrible time of day. Personally, I could not concentrate at all until about 11. haha...I am such a night owl and probably have my body clock set to late night hours and late sleeping patterns. I always seem to fall into that natural rhythmn for me, personally. I think if you got 8 hours of sleep that would do you a world of good. Can you go to bed earlier or is that when you get insomnia?

    The sunsets were so warm looking over the cold snow - so those scenes were welcoming and lovely. I would love that film "The White Planet"...hope my library gets it in sometime. They do get that type from time to time so I will keep my eyes out for it. Nice that it gives you inspiration for a story. I have read many a diary entry by explorers of arctic regions and they are quite facinating.
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    I seem to be working backwards on my page in replies. Well, Ms Vampire - congrats on the success of your test scores; that is great news! So even with little sleep I see you can think and do well in school. I guess Dad's help also was a plus. Haha...such a misconception - that blonds are dumb. Not true at all. I know a lot of very smart blonds.

    Thanks for looking at the photos and glad you liked them. Just thought you would like to see what American snow looks like, also my little neighborhood. The kids sure had fun that day. I don't post in there regularly as your father does. He has the best photos of all in the respect of quality photography. He does a great job and has an eye for composition, texture, light/shadow, etc. I should post more in that thread or in the other photos thread. I need to organise my photos better and upload to the hosting site first.

    I didn't really mean that about high energy food. Guess I was kidding and sort of thought of you when you were younger or even a baby getting a start in life. They must have given you some good vitamins! Glad though you try to get in quiet time before you try to fall asleep. Sleep has been proven to be so beneficial and vital to life and well-being. It is important to try and get well rested.

    I copied some photos off the internet the other night for a offline file and slideshow. I thought of you since they were mostly taken in a cold climate and they were truly awesome shots; many of sunsets or sunrises over snowy terrain.
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    Nice to hear that you have great exam results! *applause*.
    I'm happy for you!
    I have a news also. A while ago the achievers of last semester's class was posted. and guess what. I'm third on the list!
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    Saphi! Hi there? how was your day? I bet you're busy at school
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    Ms Vampire lady, how is school going now? Today is a school/bank holiday here; Martin Luther King's Birthday. Tomorrow is Inauguration Day. That should be pretty exciting; I will be watching the news broadcasts.

    Well, did you see my snow photos posted in the thread? I put them in there primarily for your sake.

    Wonder where you do get that energy from - do they feed you high energy foods and snacks? Yes, they say sleep is vitally important for all aspects of our health. Our bodies continually heal and renew themselves in sleep. You should try some 'quiet time' before trying to sleep. Probably you are too busy in your mind to sleep well...not really a good thing...this will catch up to you eventually.

    I have been just the opposite lately of my typical 'night owl' persona self. I was watching a play on DVD the other night and fell asleep sitting up; this never, ever happened to me before. I can't even sleep on planes! I also try and read at night, but fall asleep after only a page or two. I shouldn't read in bed; surely sleep will take me over. Try watching a really boring play or listening to a boring narrator on headphones and I guarantee you will be asleep in minutes.
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    Saphira, The film about penquins is called "The March of the Penquins" is an amazing film and even the extra features are well worth viewing; they are a film in their own right! You would love this film; it takes place in Antactica and the photography's wonderful, as are the penquins.

    Good for you, hiding behind the door to take the photo of your dad; you and he must have a lot of laughs together. That is such fun!

    Can't you copy the photos to a new file, rename the copies and then knock down the sizes? You could make them half the size, or is it the file size (resolution) is the problem? Ask your dad, he seems to know the technical side of these problems. The photo thread is called

    Pictures Taken By you...

    I can't post them today, but maybe sometime this coming week.

    Wow, you, too? So many of the forum members have insomnia. It seems to be a growning concern. Maybe, you are just a 'night-owl' naturally, like I am; but at your age you do need your sleep, if you are to attend school the next day and be sharp and think clearly. I had to adjust when I was in college. I hated to get it so early, but after awhile I got used to it. Sleep is a valuable thing for our health and our well-being.

    Edit today: Saphira, I posted the photos of the snow in my neighborhood - it was 6 yrs ago! How time flies by....they are in "Pictures Taken By you"
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    No, I haven't had the time to see the picture. I have been very busy myself. Happy New Year to you as well!
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    Hi Saphira,

    I am not sure, they very well may have been French. I think the "The March of the Penquins" was also produced by a French team. Ever see it? I loved that film and loved "Winged Migration", also French. I wish I owned them; they came into my library so I did view them free.

    Snow again - cool!!! I saw your dad all bundled in that ridiculous headgear, for biking to work. I laughed so hard and thought you must really tease him about that outfit.

    Were the photos of the snowstorm? I forget now. I will post them most likely in the thread for photos (my space in here has hit the limit). It is the thread in which your father always posts his great photos. I like his latest ones of the frozen lake; my favorites are those amazing ice formations on the twigs. He is such a good photographer.

    Yes, seems everyone is back to school now and Lit Net seems slow to me. I guess no one has much time to post. But I need a bit of a rest anyway, so I am not complaining. Sorry it is tetious and boring, but that is life. Hope that it picks up for your soon and is once again challenging.

    Enjoy the pretty white snow!
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    How's your 2009 so far saphira?
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    I looked up "The White Planet" - wowy - 31 dollars here on Amazon for only on CD; not too cheap. I saw a film called "The Blue Planet" - is that made by the same group of filmmakers? I looked this up on Amazon; but you can only buy a VHS tape; not cheap either; it is because Ewan McGregor is in it and he is in demand.

    Oh, the other night I uploaded some 'snow' photos from my neighborhood a number of years ago. I will post them soon in the photo thread. can see how snow looks here in the US on the East Coast, NJ. Ok!!! wowy; it snowed there for you at long last. Bet it is pretty! Enjoy, Saphira!
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