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    Happy belated birthday, Annamariah.
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    The worst irony is that these ladies always ask the man not to dump them, and after a while they dump the man. It would be much more sincere if they plainly asked me not to get tired of them so that they can get tired of me, but of course that kind of sincerity wouldn't suit needs of temporary amusement. And they always resort to that same cliché "there's nothing wrong with you; it's me." Curiosity makes me wonder if she's found anyone she thinks better, as it often happens. Of course if I wanted to know, I'd be the last to find out. I wonder what she would say if I asked. Considering my karma, getting a lie wouldn't surprise me, but I don't know.
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    I guess some acquaintances will soon start asking what happened. I can picture myself replying "As usual, I was expendable." My mom will soon realize, too, and she'll say something like "I've already told you how lousy you are at choosing women and that's what worries me so much about your future."

    This time the breakup was carried out by SMS, like my women are not really keen on breaking up face to face. I can picture what comes next. After a while, she'll drop by from time to time asking me how I'm doing, perhaps even claiming that she misses me. She might send a message probably once or twice a month until the visits will be once or twice a year, until her conscience feels clean enough to pretend I never existed, at which point I'll stop being the awesome friend she claims I am. It's what I would do if I were a self-assured woman, I guess. I need to accept that women and I have nothing in common. Sorry to have bugged you with this story. I just needed to let it out.
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    It's pretty wonderful to learn that you will now have a home of your own. Congrats on the achievement!

    The first day of my 2013 wasn't eventful at all, except for the scrumptious sandwiches I prepared with own hands for the new year's dinner

    On another note, the days following the first day of the year have been a little more interesting. According to evidence I've gathered so far, my relationship has come to an end, and of course not due to a mutual decision. You might recall that the women I've fallen for have always made up their minds much before I suspected anything. They decide when I am disposable, when I'll be informed, and of course, that I'll be the very last to know it. In case you might feel worried about my wellbeing, don't be. I'm used to women's treatment towards me, which this time hurt less than you know when. You are the very first to know it...
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    I've been looking on Messenger these past days, but my times online appear quite dissimilar to yours lately In case we don't meet before the new year, which is the most likely given our very dissimilar agendas, I wish you a happy new year's eve and a happy 2013 and a happy all that

    And beware of the dizziness when doing this:

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    Last 3 days to post in our Short Story Competition Final:

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    I've been horribly neglectful too, and for much longer than you... you know, my university adventures and such It takes some time to get accustomed to the new forum's layout, and probably some new features are on the way, according to what Admin said a while back, but you are bright enough to figure it out, so you'll get used to it in no time. Just be patient with the new format

    I'll see if I can find out more about that merge between Messenger and Skype. Anyway, I'm not so worried about my conversation history, since my most meaningful conversations on Messenger have been with you and I have them all backed-up separately What really worries me is not being able to use my cute Messenger smilies anymore!

    It's 4:10 AM here and I'd better go get some sleep now... feel free to tell me any exciting stories and I'll read and reply when I log back in
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    I haven't forgotten my favorite Finn either and Merry Xmas to you too! I've been online for a while since a few days back, but not on Messenger since long ago. I don't know what will happen with that. I got an e-mail saying that the service is soon to be over and that it will be merged into Skype, so I'm often wondering what will happen with my message history and beautiful emoticons
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    Guess what! I recently found out I have got a 50 percent tuition fee waver (scholarship) for the best Turkish uni! Hell I applied at so many places this year. A pity we could only choose one.
    Actually I have got my Chinese visa again. But flights are very busy lately so I would actually have to wait for a bit before leaving and it's still very complicated (since the available flights shall reach Beijing just a couple of hours before my appointment at Embassy, so I can't afford a delay in my flight, plus I have to leave Beijing the very next day). It's making me go insane! I am also getting a refund from that local uni so if it doesn't work out I may have to do a private Bachelors from my hometown How's everything with you? I miss ya!
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    Ouch I am sorry about your computer! I wish you luck with your new purchase.
    I have actually paid tuition fees for this local university. It's in Islamabad and is very, very good and it has got the best dormitory ever (as compared to others) and is very affordable. The tuition fees is mostly refundable in case I have to go abroad but it is a really lengthy procedure to obtain the refund. However I had to submit fees in order to secure my seat, because apparently a visa to China is also extremely difficult to get. I had a real trouble getting it last time and it makes me feel really uneasy to think of going through that procedure once again. I am also getting double-minded because of my mother and cultural differences (after all it's about spending three years!)

    I would also hate not meeting you. I was so looking forward to it and if I let go of this opportunity now I doubt if I am going to get it ever again!
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