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    Hey, how have you been? I haven't heard from you for ages. I saw you voted for "The Brothers K" in the June 20 poll. I was thinking about you the other day, since I received another few emails from Goodreads; do you really read all those books? haha
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    Mal, Happy Holidays to you, too!
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    part 3 - would you believe it, I wrote this and the post left it off...over the limit...

    Keep in touch, too...I have missed you very much.....J
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    part 2...I'm currently grand-daughter deprived; hoping to see her soon; maybe go to my son's house next week or weekend. I have one zillion photos, but nothing is like seeing her in person. She is such a little pip; so lively, animated. I adore her entirely. Holidays should be so much fun this year, especially for my little Brooke. Not sure if we will be decorating here, if the renuvations begin early January.

    My sister has been ill for a long time; it seems her illness is more critical, whereby she can no longer live with my mother and I. We have been assured by professionals, that independent housing arrangements are crucial to her continued mental stability. Soon she will be placed in a supervised house; this may hopefully be a breakthrough.

    Remodeling is a big '?' in my mind; WILL take place; you know how contractors are -perhaps it shall happen in this century! grrrr...waiting currently to hear; must find patience for each step forward.
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    Hi Mal, wow, so good to hear from you. I am glad you are safe where you live in the country; that things are basically getting back to normal. It's sad for those who have lost their homes and loved ones, as well.

    I think I recall you telling me about China; that is absolutely marvelous! I would die to see the Great Wall. I saw a film that featured it, so amazing. I saw another film with the Forbidden City as the location. I was totally fascinated. Beijing must be incredible.

    see part 2
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    Hey, sure is a long time since we spoke. How are you and what have you been up to lately? I hope where you live was not effected too direly by all the storms/flooding. It seemed they were pretty terrible.

    I am doing ok. My mother and I are waiting to hear about some much needed upgrading to our house; we are hoping it doesn't run into the holidays, so I am a little on edge. My sister is still hospitalized; long story, but it's been a rough year; but things will surely change in the near future. My grand-daughter is terrific. If you check the 'photos taken by you' you can view a video of her on Halloween dancing to Thriller. She's about 18 months old now. I love her dearly. She's the sunshine of my life!

    Take care and email me when you have time. Thanks for the compliments on my page....still 'springtime' here anyway! haha
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    Hehehehehehehe just pretending to be busy? I am pretty sure you are a busy lady
    I am not here very often either..just log in for a couple of minutes each time and trying to keep in touch with the forums. So nice to hear from you again.
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    Hey! Hi there! Long time no see! You ve been missed around here! how are you? I am ok
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    Did you see my blob? Isn't there a movie by that name?

    Wow, to Beijing? How amazing is that. I am totally jealous. I would love to see the Forbidden City (saw it in a movie once) and the Great Wall - a few others movies showed it. It must just be so amazing. I hope you can find a PO. I would love that, thanks so much in advance. And last year to Milan and Rome. I am liking this very much; your job sounds real interesting now. I bet the trip was amazing. I think you did tell me you were going there.

    Yes, Brooke is already one. I can't believe it myself. Now I look at her 'baby-baby' photos and it sort of makes me sad, the time went by too quickly! I don't get to see her as much as I would like to. They both work and she is in daycare all day long, then they are tired when they come home and she plays awhile and it's off to bed by about 8-9. I wish I lived closer. The last couple visits were here and they were just great - Easter and Mother's Day basically. I am hoping they bring her by again soon. The party was a great success and lots of fun. She was so adorable that day and we stayed till about 9 when nearly everyone went home. Can't wait to see her again.
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    malwethian, my long lost friend; how are you??? I still have your Holland post card on display on my bookcase - see I think of you all the time or when I see that Goodreads come into my emails. You are an everlasting presense!

    If you have a change, go into my blog - I actually made an entry after a long time - it's my grand-daughter's birthday celebration - she was one last week. How time flies. Also, check out my albums of her from this past year, the Christmas album is especially cute, I think...but then again, I am prejudiced - she my 'one and only' grand-daughter and my beloved blessing.

    Oh, glad you got that NY's Card. Hope yours was fun and merry. I changed my page about a month or so ago; just before spring. I had a Celtic theme before that which I liked so I kept the formating. I love lilacs so it had to be lilacs for the background for spring. I will keep this one for awhile. Everyone seems to like it. A weird thing happened to me yesterday; I did some changes to my browser and now I can't see anyone else's background but my own. I have to straighten that out real fast. I am a bit miffed at this time, but I will work on it.

    Hope to see you around more and hope you stop in again soon. What have you been up to; anymore exciting trips? J
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