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Helana Blavatsky
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Secret Doctrine.
Retired mental health nurse and counsellor for addictions.
England nd Turkey in the summer
Meditation blogging nature, walking.


I know nothing,and that is ALL.


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Disambiguation Of Mankind Expunged. =D O M E .

by M Kirkpatrick on 06-15-2018 at 05:10 PM
This blog is about attempting to clarify, to disambiguate the truth and reality as to what mankind actually "IS", and then expunge from our consciousness all other false ideas about our real identity. We can spend our entire life living in a charade of believing and acting as though we were the owners of the body we occupy, which of course, we are not! To clarify further the real owner of the body occupied is NOT John Smith,or Mary Jones,or whatever name you go by dear reader,the real

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Karma actually means Entanglement.

by M Kirkpatrick on 05-26-2018 at 05:56 PM
Karma is really about learning through entanglement. If I do something in physical life that violates your free will, we become entangled. We both feel the lack of equilibrium between us,its like we are tied together by a rope. The only way to restore equilibrium is to undo the entanglement, by having you violate my free will in a similar way that way we both know from experience what it is like to be both the violator and the violated.

Warmest regards Michael.

How can I start a blog here on this forum.

by M Kirkpatrick on 05-24-2018 at 10:47 AM
Quote Originally Posted by fudgetusk View Post
Do people even read blogs if you're not famous?

What we need is a forum with a blog thread.
Thanks, fudgetusk, hope this does happen.

regards Michael.

Mobius Strip the Ferrier Of Souls In and Out Of Incarnation . Part two

by M Kirkpatrick on 05-21-2018 at 05:13 PM
Feel refreshed after a long swim in the hot sunshine here in Turkey, am now ready to continue this blog on Mobius.
Before the soul incarnates it needs the help of Mobius to arrange all the details for the next incarnation here upon the earth
plane, if the soul has progressed far enough on its evolutionary journey, then the soul has a choice of when to return to this
vale of tears, and will often wait for centuries to pass before deciding to return here, other souls who are not

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Mobius Strip the Ferrier Of Souls In and Out Of Incarnation .

by M Kirkpatrick on 05-21-2018 at 05:16 AM
Science informs us that for every action there is an equal opposite reaction, thereby maintaining perfect balance within
the physical universe, well Mobius plays an important part in the operating sequence of incarnations both in and out, it
ferries in souls for incarnation and its opposite reaction of ferrying souls out of incarnation.
Mobius strip operates on a loop like a sequence shaped like a figure eight and takes on an S-shaped spiral or vortex that
in the incarnation

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