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  1. wsww
    hey thanks a lot for the update . s sur it has been ages since anyone posted here!
  2. exodus238
    I too am a fanatic and wanted to share my news that I'm going to the Studio Tour in Summer I am SO excited! It will be like entering the world itself... I'll recognise everything! We get to go into the Gryffindor common room, the potions classrooms, hagrid's hut, dumbledore's office, diagon alley, the great hall and more! It will be amazing!

    My general feeling when Rowling said Dumbledore was gay was a kind of irritation. It hadn't been made obvious in any of the books...he may not have had any relationships or women lovers but neither did Lockhart, Mgonaggal (how do you spell her name?), filch, etc. etc. It seems she just gave an idea that she'd originally had but had never used and every one interpreted it as truth that Dumbledore had been gay all along...
    Personally, I do not care whether he was gay or not. It evidently doesn't effect what he was like as a person.
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