and yours?

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  1. Aoife
    10 year old Gyspy - very intelligent and very neurotic. Also has no teeth and dribbles a lot

    4 year old Luke - most loveable cat EVER when he wants to be. So so nice and would let you hang him upside down and wouldnt say a word. Also thinks hes the boss of the house and likes to sit at the kitchen table with us
  2. Sionn Harrow
    Sionn Harrow
    I don't own a cat. However, there are countless strays in our area.
    I go out at night during the summer with my brother to catch the cats and take them to the vet to be fixed and innoculated.

    When we catch a particularly sweet cat that's in good health, we keep it until we find a space in a no-kill shelter or a family that's willing to take it ^-^
    So if that counts...I've had 26 visiting cats...
  3. yosimity
    Greetings Everyone,

    My little friend is a mixed tabby patterned 16 year old name Axel. He's in good health, and gets a soft diet because he has few teeth left. Spent most of he adult life as an indoor/outdoor cat, but because of age, wild dogs and coyotes, spends in present time indoors.
  4. munkinhead
    I have this cat. He is cleaning himself under the bed right now. He is very fastidious. His name is Lather. About 15 years ago we decided to have no more pets, having previously owned quite a menagerie. Lather moved in about 4 years ago. He is unbelievably intelligent, understands several human languages, and has been instrumental in our fluency in cat. He was initially fed in a bowl from an old shaving kit. The small ceramic bowl said LATHER on the side, and so he was named, for a Frank Zappa album.
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