I am thinking of getting a cat

  1. libernaut
    what is this the best way to go about getting a good cat? should i get a kitten or older cat? I've never had one myself, but lived with my parents cats forever but now i live in a place and we have one cat, Pantera, which is kinda like the tan and black striped kind like in olga4reals pictures. shes really cool and i really love my parents cats back home and cosider them like family, you can see them in the pictures, stinky-butt and sophia. Im also not sure what kind i should get, im thinking i could just go to the pound, and ive heard of some place called forgotten felines, i might ask my mom where she got our cats so i could just do the same thing she did to get sophia and stinky.

    i think i might want a kitten but maybe an older cat is a good idea too just to give it a home yaknow. but kittens need homes too, but yeah, im also not sure what kind to get, ireally like the blackcats, but all cats are cool with me. im really excited!
  2. Olga4real
    Where to start llibernaut? I have had cats for more about 20 years I adopted cats in different ages and I think if you want to be connected with your pet it is better to start when he or she is young. Choosing a pet is similar to choosing a life partner. You must feel that certain click when you see your cat for the first time. :-)
  3. DickZ
    In my opinion, the best place to start your search is an animal shelter, if you have one in your area. You can spend time with each cat that you're considering for adoption, and find out how the cat behaves before you commit. Kittens are cute, but you really have no idea what they're going to be like when they grow up, which is not very long at all. A cat of at least a year in age is much less of a question mark than a kitten.
  4. Olga4real
    If you want to have influence on personality of your cat it is better to start with a young cat, the younger - the better. You can teach and "mould" the personality of your pet according your taste. On the other hand you can face scratched walls, furniture, torn curtains... It's better to have 2 cats, because when you are away from home, they entertain each other and never bored. Cats are social beings too.
  5. Aoife
    Also agree with olgas post. All our cats that we have had since kitten have turned out to have better personalitys / nicer cats.

    Siamese are lovely.
  6. Seasider
    Kittens are lovely but they need a lot of time spent on and with them, The last time I adopted a cat I got one that was 18 month old. My 8 year old I have had since he was a kitten and I remember the times I had to go out in the garden with him,see which neighbour's fence he had jumped over, make sure he hadn't headed for the road, worry if he didn't come back for 10 minutes and lots more reasons to be anxious. But they are delightful and you can train them up to a point. And he/she is your kitten...my adopted boy is lovely, but he is not as affectionate and attached to me as the other. I have had him for 4 years and I am sure he thinks of me as a feeder rather than a friend.
  7. emerald_13
    Kittens require a lot of work, and a lot of time, but once they get older they become loyal friends. My cat that is sitting next to me was a kitten when I got him, and he is there for me. My other cat is, too. I got the second cat partly because the one I raised from a kitten got upset every time I would leave and would scream for me. Now that he has a "brother" he doesn't cry so much when I leave. I agree with olga that pairs are better, but be sure you spay/neuter at the proper age so that the stray population does not rise.
  8. libernaut
    now im just feeding a cat that comes to the backyard all the time
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