I can hear the crickets chirp.

  1. drakemortuare13
    DANG!! you people are quite. I mean, I know I haven't been on in a while but, does any one hear talk?
  2. Heathcliff
    I do!! I talk incessantly. Well... When I must.
  3. drakemortuare13
    Finally! Some one replies!
  4. ShadowFire
    I have a very busy life, as I can imagine many others do. It is harder for me to keep up on the social groups. I can respond to visitor messages and PMs more easily. Don't loose faith on us yet
  5. Heathcliff
    Ahh, yea, I remembered again. Only thing is that it doesn't pop up in your faace when someone has said anything in here.

    There is a junior's forum on this site somewhere.

    I don't know if it constitutes as teen junior, but it is there somewhere.
  6. ShadowFire
    And again the crickets sing their summer's lullaby.
  7. Feddie
    howdy...I think the crickets must be getting hoarse.
    damn... poor things.
  8. Sionn Harrow
    Sionn Harrow
    I'm pretty sure they're all dead by now...they couldn't handle all that singing
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