Lord of the rings

  1. Odysseus93
    Does anyone here like lord of the rings??? I love it, and I think that the movies were very good. anyone have any thoughts/comments that they would like to share?
  2. kingoflombards
    The Lord of the Rings books had kind of a dry writing style. It took a while to read, but it was worth it. The movies where pure awesomeness!
  3. Chilly
    I love it, but I have never actually finished reading the books.
  4. ShadowFire
    I love the movies and I do an incredible Smeagol impression.
  5. Serafina93
    i think the easiest way to get into the lord of the rings books would to start with the hobbit. it is a fantastic book and one of my favorites. it kind of gives the reader some what of a background of the plot of the lord of the rings, which is very useful.
  6. Sionn Harrow
    Sionn Harrow
    I watched the movies before I watched the books, which is cheating I know, but I ended up being a little disappointed. The movies grow more exciting as they go along, while the books were a little slow. It took me a month to plow through The Return of the King xD Overall though, I was impressed with the detail Tolkien put into his world. LOTR is definitely one of my favorites
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