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  1. BleaKDecembeR
    I will be going writing some poems and i would greatly love if you take your time to read these poems i wrote and to reply back with positive and please tell me your true thoughts on how i write.
  2. BleaKDecembeR

    The wind calls to me like a ghost on the moon,
    Whispers to me like a crying raindrop in the wet winter of December and it sings to me like a cello ringing in the lightness of August. Wind breaks the silence as it softens the touch of grass that waves against a tree. Wind is nature, Wind is my soul, Wind is cries from a gone soul and all i see is nature showing my path.

    The rivers entwined,
    The love being broken apart,
    While the red raindrops appear in my dreams,
    As the sky lightens my way,
    While the silence of the snow purifies my soul.
    As this winter was my burial,
    As the sun enlighten my broken heart
    And this ocean of love will make me eternal again.
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