Why we have to be alone ?

  1. hoope
    When people live in loneliness .. they get use to it . But why do we have to even be alone.. when there are many people around yet we are alone.
    Is it us , or the others... ?
    Can i communicate with others and make frinedship ?
    but what if i fail .. what is i got betrayed.. ?
    And so are many questions that raise in the mind of all lonely people.

    Feel free to Share your ideas and thoughts.
  2. caddy_caddy
    Hi Hoope,
    I think you hit the mark by speaking on " communication " .
    I find difficulty in communicating with others , communicating my feelings and thoughts verbally. When you are among a group you need some skills in communication . On the other hand , as u said , if there is no trust you will always fail.
    I think most loners need intimacy in their relationships and this is difficult if there is fear . This may be the result of past experiences so we tend to think that what will come might be the same .
    We should have more faith in ourselves and in others . There is still goodness and beauty in this life .
    Moreover, if one finds goodness and beauty inside ones own self, lonliness doesn't bother all that much. If one finds a way to be happy with oneself she or he can stay happy pretty much all the time, lonely or not.
  4. Three Sparrows
    Three Sparrows
    On my part I believe it is mostly because I am not used to people, nor am I any good at conversation, nor does nervousness help, nor an inferior ability to relate to others. Yet somehow I am content.
  5. zoolane
    Hi all, well I talk lots when nervous or scared. I can normal chat with anyone or partner. I do feel alone all time because my interest and sense of humour different and sometime feel not able to talking to him.
  6. TheChilly
    I find myself alone a lot because at times I see myself as not able to communicate with someone else in an emotional sense because of either the vibe of the person, or shyness, which I am fond of a lot. It is why I shy away from a lot of social gatherings.
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