The matrix

  1. Odysseus93
    Do any of you guys like the matrix movies??? I LOVE them. They're awesome action movies, but they also make you think. So far I've only seen the first one, but it was probably the best movie I've ever watched!!!
  2. ShadowFire
    I do! Not the best, but I liked them
  3. Feddie
    what kind of a question is that?!?
    In total agreement with you Odysseus, AMAZING stuff - has it ever made you wonder whether we're not in something like that? wow - freaky, huh?
    Though I have to say, if you've seen the first, you've seen the best. That's just my opinion, but I think that they get progressively, well, I hate to say worse because that's too strong a word, ah, we'll settle with slightly less totally amazing awesome engrossing just all-round damn wonderul? something like that.
    Argh. . . now I have a terrible urge to watch all three straight (something I admittedly haven't done in a while). Too long. . .
    LOL - tks Odysseus
  4. <Trinity>
    Nicely said Fed ... I laughed at this.
    But you're right. The Matrix is officially and incontrovertibly the craziest movie ever. I love it!
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