Hello everyone...Do you have the Time?

  1. Cbruce
    Hello everyone..As a newbee I was very glad to see this group. I love potery..almost all of it..the good bad and the ugly..I write when I can and I am aways pleased when someone else take the time to read it too. I have a short piece of work that I hope will fit this format.

    May I take a moment of your Time?
    They say to never ask for a moment of a man’s time; just take it..is that robbery? A theft of time?
    Time and time again you say?
    Is it then more time ?
    Going big time…
    Time piling up… time after time?
    or repeating itself…. time and again..
    Father Time?
    No Mother Time or Sibling Time…Time for me or Time for you..Time for us..?
    Don’t waste time..
    We have all the time in the world..
    Time cut short..
    That was good timing or maybe… it was bad timing
    Timing is everything they say..
    A time to laugh a time to cry… a time to live… a time
    to die..
    A time for everything under the sun, they say..
    Not enough time?
    Too much time on your hands..both hands?
    short hand or long hand?
    A moment in time..a moment can cast long memories..in time ..over time …in due time….
    Why does everything take too much time? Or sooo.. much time?
    Where did the time go?..
    How do we stay in time or is it on time?
    Can we synchronize our time?
    Will we have the same time?
    Is this a good time?
    Do you have the time?
    Do you have extra time?
    Thank you for your time
    We just had..
    a little

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