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  1. papayahed
    hmm, I'll see if I can find it.

    Anybody else (ahem wentworth) think that Ghost hunters international isn't as skeptical as Jay and Grant and are far more quick to declare a place haunted???
  2. Joreads
    Silas I just saw a review for the 3rd Underworld movie - bad review does not do it justice.
  3. 1n50mn14
    All hail Bruce Campbell!
    Hail! Hail! Hail!
    (Other than 'My Name is Bruce'- I want those two hours of my life back, plus additional time wasted on special features.
  4. Joreads
    Papayahed I have started to watch Tru Blood - still not sure about this one I will give it a little while longer to see if I like it.
  5. UFO420
    Philip K. Dick, ya heard?!
  6. Red-Headed
    Has anyone read any Olaf Stapledon?
  7. Jazz_
    UFO - Of course, I loved 'Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep'

    My favourites; Dr. Who, Torchwood, Stargate (only SG-1 though)

    The doctor has to be my all-time favourite (very sad to see David Tennant leave )
  8. LC_Lancer
    yes Jazz, but Matt Smith is doing a great Doctor. He is not copying any of the previous Doctors and forging ahead with his own. The scripts are great.
    I am a big fan of Christopher Eggleston as the Doctor. I was sorry that he left after the first season (per his contract).
    Torchwood is very very good. I hope they bring it back along with Cpt Jack Harkness.
  9. Jazz_
    I agree - I'm liking Matt Smith so far (still not quite as much as Tennant though)
    I did hear that Torchwood was coming back, I think shooting was meant to have started already...
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