Photo freaks

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  1. Stargazer86
    Oh hell yeah...right up my alley. Claes, that forest picture is stunning
  2. Snowqueen
    Hi everyone.
    I am seeing some great pictures here. I wonder why I didn't get here earlier.
  3. DanielBenoit
    Hey everyone! I'm a big photo freak!

    I have a photo blog at
  4. Lulim
    Hi everyone -- I just joined. I got a digital camera as a present last christmas; frantically shooting away since ... I posted some photos I took in the course of the year, hope you like them -- I am a complete amateur.
  5. ClaesGefvenberg
    I have been away from here for too long. Welcome Snowy, Daniel & Lulim.

  6. Liddell
    Hey everyone. Seems like this group is on a lull, but odds are we'll get it livened back up I suppose. Anyway, my New Year's resolution was to take more pictures and document my life more, so I got a Nikon and away I've been. It's nothing too amazing, but it takes pictures that are sufficient for me and my inferior photography skills (or lack thereof). So, I'll post a few and maybe chat with some of you soon!
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