First prank!

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  1. Imaginarium
    Bwehehehe, that's what I would do . . .

    *ahem* Hi there! I'm Jamie! I'm less of a prankster and more of a . . . kind of. . .jester? I like to confuse people out of their minds with word play. But a favorite trick of mine is to randomly appear seemingly from nowhere to freak people out . . . Like sneak up on them when they're alone and be standing suddenly right next to them as if you were there the whole time. Or if you're walking with them and they look away for a second double back as fast as you can and either pop up on their other side or right in front of them XD

    This one time i was coming down a staircase in my friend's house. Right next to the stairs below the railing is a couch, and she was standing in front of it, talking to my other friend. Neither of them noticed me, so i carefully clambered over the railing and onto the couch, sitting there like I'd been there the whole time. It was perfect because they were angled so they would've seen me if i came down the normal way, so when they finally turned around they had a huge shock when they saw me lounging there
    They screamed and knocked over the coffee table
  2. kingoflombards
    Welcome Jamie

    Speaking of scaring people, one time I hid in my brother's closet to jump out and freak him out. When he walked by, I jumped out at him and yelled, but instead of running away he punched me. Many, many times..... The joke was on me that time
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