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  1. drakemortuare13
    I have recently written a poem that most teens (or at least high school students) would really connect to. Please check it lout.
  2. Odysseus93
    Cool. Where can I find it??
  3. drakemortuare13
    It's titled under "Graduation". Sorry for taking so long to reply.
  4. ShadowFire
    Is it in personal poetry? What's the link? Do you link writing poetry? How about reading it? Too many questions?
  5. drakemortuare13
    1). To get to "Graduation", click on my user name to get to my home page. Then click the statistics tab, and then select "Find all threads started by drakemortuare13". You will see three poems, all by yours truly, and "Graduation" will be one of them.
    2). Originally, I hated both reading and writing poetry. Then, one day realized how good I was at it. Now, I like reading it, and LOVE writing it. However, most are dark and depressing, about being broken hearted, loss of love, and flashbacks I wish I could forget.
    3). No, not too many questions. At least some one is replying.
  6. ShadowFire
    I read your Graduation poem. Nice. I liked the last stanza the best (no pun intended with the last line). I also love poetry and like you, mine is normally dark. Despite the beauty in ray of sunlight, I find greater beauty in the drop of midnight.
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