Lord of the Rings

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  1. Stargazer86
    I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the 2 of them met up and talked
  2. Maximilianus
    I would have loved the same, Star. Wonderful talks they must have been.
    Thanks for the book info, Red; sounds as interesting reading.
  3. Red-Headed
    They even had some sort of society where they met at some place

    OK, I think that was the Eagle & Child pub where the Inklings met. I've been to this pub in Oxford. If I remember the bitter (Old Speckled Hen I think or M&B), was quite good (plus some good guest real ales).

    You can't beat a good real ale hand-pulled!

  4. Serafina93
    i am amazed at the number of people who like the books. whenever i bring up lotr, all i hear is that they loved orlando bloom as a fairy. i am quite serious, this has happened on more than one occasion.
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